Covid-19 pandemic: More effective and simple tips to prevent

This Wednesday, March 11, a new notice from the World Health Organization (WHO) shook everyone: The coronavirus causing Covid-19 it is declared a "pandemic". This is defined as the number of cases (not counting China) have spread rapidly (in two weeks the cases have multiplied by 13), affecting more countries.

In Spain, the number has increased to more than 2,200 cases of contagion up to the moment of the edition of this note.

*Update to March 16: the number is increasing to 9300 cases.




* Update to April 6: 130,759 cases of contagion.



Seeing the rapid expansion that is taking place in our country, from BrushbooWe have decided to take precautionary measures.

First, it has been established telework in those positions that allow it since last week.
Secondly, and for those who have to prepare orders, and therefore must be in person at our facilities we have taken precautions. Some of the measures are: temperature taking at the entrance to the facilities, split shifts for more insulation, disinfection of all materials and furniture used and mandatory use of gloves and masks.



From the measures taken and the success case we are having in combating contagion, here we leave you the simplest recommendations based, also, on the advice of our grannies (no joke, they never fail because they are very wise and are effective) and of course, we integrate the tips of the who.


Simple tips to take care of the coronavirus



1. stay home

This is responsibility.
If you think you have symptoms or suspect any of them, it is best to rest and stay isolated, following the protocol that health specialists recommend. If you don't think you have anything, well, congratulations! But let's not sing
Hurrahas soon. Since it is a rapidly contagious disease, it is best to contain it this way. This way we avoid any contact with other people.



    2. Maintain social distance of 1 to 3 meters

    If you leave the house (which is not prohibited) it is necessary to keep a certain space between us. Especially if someone else sneezes or coughs. If we can avoid places with large crowds (such as public transport, bars, concerts, squares) it is better.



    3. Wash your hands very well frequently

    Very well means that we are responsible with hygiene care. It is to put a disinfectant on our hands that contains alcohol and / or wash them with soap and water. In this way we kill the virus if it is in our hands.
    (Here a picture with the correct washing)




    4. Take respiratory hygiene measures

    If we cough or sneeze, we must cover our mouth and nose with our flexed elbow (inner elbow). If you use a tissue, which is disposable, immediately throw it in the garbage can and disinfect your hands with antibacterial gel or soap and water.



    5. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose

    We do everything with our hands and we can touch contaminated surfaces (especially metal, where the virus survives up to 12 hours). If you immediately touch the marked areas, the virus may transfer to you.




    6. Avoid drinking ice water and ice drinks

    Stay hydrated with hot drinks! The virus does not resist heat, therefore, it is better to keep our throat hydrated and avoid exposing it to low temperatures. Liquids like infusions, broths or simply hot water neutralize the virus. An additional fact is to add lemon to the hot drink.


    When should I wear a mask?

    to. If I'm healthy and I'm in contact with people infected.

    b. If I'm sick, with cough and sneezing. This is out of respect.
    They are not necessary and are usually very effective with frequent hand washing.

    c. Correct use of the use of masks here.

    Following these tips so simples and everydayWe will be safer and avoid the rapid spread of this pandemic. If you suspect any symptoms, first of all, click here for the online test and not saturate thetelephone lines nor the health centers.


    Here we leave you updated reports from day to day about new cases of Covid 19.

    How important and healthy it is to maintain habit of personal care and hygiene! Let's always take these steps :)


    * Sources of figures shown in the note: whoand The Ministry of Health of Spain.

    * The figures are fluidly changing daily. No figure is absolute.



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