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Christmas is coming. It's a magical time of the year. The lights on the streets are getting brighter, packages are wrapped in paper and more gift paper, and the streets are full of cars. Many people think that this era is the happiest and most beautiful of the year, but it is not for the environment.



Road traffic, power consumption or excessive decoration and lighting can have very serious adverse effects on the environment. It's not a question of not celebrating Christmas, of course, we invite you from brushb to do so in the spirit of your Christmas, but be aware of and responsible for consumption and the environment.

Next, let's give you some advice on how to enjoy Christmas in a more sustainable way:

  • Always wrap your gifts in recycled paperThere are many types today that are as beautiful or more beautiful as traditional characters. And if you add personal information, it's better.
  • Send ecological productsIf you have already registered, please log in first. A very cheap original gift

    • Use low consumption light bulbsIf you're going to light up your Christmas tree or other parts of your home, use low light bulb consumption. They will help your economy and your environment
  • Turn off the lights when you don't need themYou don't have to let your tree or your porch shine when you sleep or when you run away from home. Remember to turn off the lights when you don't need them
  • Using timersNote: there are tools called timers that turn lights on and off at the right time. This will help us to control the lights only when necessary.
  • Don't buy more:Christmas has a great influence on the impulsive factors when buying goods. Try to shop in cash, keep a list of things you need or want to send, and don't let anything stimulate you to go shopping. For the decorative elements of the house, try not to buy more than you need, if possible, use your other years.
  • Use your emailIf you're the sender of Christmas postcards, you'd better send them by email this year, which is not only more economical, but also reduces the impact of logistics (pollution) and waste of paper. There are also platforms for you to celebrate Christmas in an interactive and original way. However, if you decide to mail it, you choose to use recycled paper postcards.
  • Use of public transport:By using public transport such as the subway, you can not only avoid the terrible Christmas traffic (which makes us all unhappy), but also contribute to the environment and your city.
  • Choose green food:At Christmas, we not only over consume material, but also over consume food and food. During Christmas, our quality of life is greatly improved. This year, it tries to buy fair food and always considers ecological, biological and even fair trade alternatives (you'll do well and enjoy a more sustainable activity).
  • Diy:"Be yourself" If you want to squeeze your creative vein, this is the best time! There's nothing better than decorating a house with your own decorations I'm sure you have hundreds of things in your house that don't fit you, and with a little imagination (and painting) you can turn into perfect decorations. Besides, I believe you can also make some hand-made gifts. It's rare to send us something hand-made today, but remember, you're wasting your time, and I'm sure the people who get it will value this resource more than money. After all, what you're doing is unique and there's no store to sell


I believe you can also come up with a way to make Christmas greener and more sustainable! You tell us?

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