Eco Family Subscription

€29.99 €37.30

Did you know that subscribing to you actively helps keep our planet free of plastics?

Join the eco revolution that our world needs!

  • You can unsubscribe whenever you want

  • You choose the frequency! Receive your order every 3 or 5 months

  • Discount vs. the starting price when you subscribe

  • You won't have to remember to change brushes

  • Clean, gleaming teeth in a more eco-friendly, green world

  • With your first subscription we give you a cotton bag to carry your brush

What does this subscription include?

  • Two brushes of adult Brushboo, the colors are random. Surprise!

  • Two Brushboo children's brushes

  • Two floss zero waste of activated charcoal and candelilla wax

  • A box of biodegradable bamboo and organic cotton buds


🙏🏻Buying a Brushboo you're collaborating on several reforestation projects we support with 10% of our profits through "Plant for the Planet".

🙌The organic cotton bag we gave you on your first subscription is made next to "Bag of Ethics". This organizationthat recognizes manufacturers who are aware, respecting people and the planet throughout the supply chain. 

🌱Now, we give you the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint through the project "Save the planet now", in this way you will be helping to avoid deforestation in the Amazon forests peru' jungle.

Need more reasons to belong to our eco community🍃? 👇

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