Biodegradable bamboo cotton swabs - Brushboo, cepillo de dientes de bambú eco

Biodegradable bamboo cotton swabs

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Biodegradable cotton swabs - Just organic cotton & bamboo

Your Brushboo cotton swabs are made with a moso bamboo stick, organic cotton and environmentally-friendly packaging!  We encourage you to lead the change to a more sustainable life.  

The Brushboo cotton swabs can be disposed in organic waste or compost. The packaging is made from recycled cardboard. The whole product is water-neutral, vegan and fair trade.

What's included?:

  • 100 eco and bio cotton swabs 

Only natural elements to take care of you.

     With these cotton swabs you are helping sustain our environment. Let’s be the change this world needs and help reduce the use of plastic swabs that end up in landfills or somewhere in our environment every year. By buying a Brushboo you are also contributing to several reforestation projects as the Brushboo company is donating 10% of its benefits to "Plant for the Planet".


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