Single Adult Natural and eco bamboo toothbrush - Brushboo, cepillo de dientes de bambú eco

Single Adult Natural and eco bamboo toothbrush

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 Single toothbrush - Our minimalist version

Your Brushboo toothbrush is made with a moso bamboo handle and environmentally-friendly packaging!  We encourage you to lead the change to a more sustainable life. 

Brushboo's bristles are DuPont premium Nylon 4 and have been verified as a BPA FREE. They do not include Bisphenol A which is dangerous for your health and is found in some plastic toothbrushes. Nylon 4 is the most biodegradable plastic you can make bristles with. 

We have worked with dentists to get the best shape and size toothbrush to clean and whiten your smile. 

What's included?:

  • One eco bamboo toothbrush. Medium bristles
  • Moso handle with an empowering motto or free for you to write it down. 

What different mottos do we have?

We ship our toothbrushes randomly, with or without motto, so it's a surprise which one you are receiving. Some of the mottos we have are:

  • Make happiness a habit
  • Why so serious?
  • Smile, I'm watching
  • Life is too short, live passionately
  • Your future is outside, waiting
  • Fill your days with happiness
  • ...
  • More motto coming...


With these toothbrushes you are helping sustain our environment. Let’s be the change this world needs and help reduce the billions of plastic toothbrushes that end up in landfills or somewhere in our environment every year. By buying a Brushboo you are also contributing to several reforestation projects as the Brushboo company is donating 10% of its benefits to "Plant for the Planet".


Do you want to buy the full pack with toothbrush, moso bamboo seeds and cotton bag? Go here


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