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4 tips for an eco-friendly picnic and 1 recipe you’ll love


What is your favorite thing about summer? The beach, the mountains, spending hours and hours doing nothing on vacation? We have it clear… if there is something that in summer we can’t resist are the picnics.

What’s more summery than going out to eat with friends and a picnic blanket? Whether it’s at the beach, at your local pool or in the mountains, this is one of those plans that you can do easily and on a budget this summer.

So take note: here are 4 tips to make your picnic a totally responsible plan ????

Choose places where you can go by bike

Why not start the plan before arriving at the destination? If possible, choose a site that can be reached by bike. In this way, in addition to saving on gasoline and energy, you will do a different and fun activity.

If you can’t go by bike, you can also walk! The idea is that you take advantage of the way to move around the city.

TIP: In many cities like Madrid or Barcelona you can rent bikes to ride around the city!

A picnic without plastic is possible

With the number of options available today, plastic is no longer an option in your picnic basket. From bamboo cutlery to wheat straws
wheat straws
-and the thermo-bottle, at BRUSHBOO you have all the products available for a responsible plan with nature.

Summer 2021. Ecofriendly plans. Picnic. Bamboo cutlery natura. Bamboo thermos-bottle.

Don’t forget to throw all the leftovers from your picnic in the trash!

The best tip we can give you for an eco plan is to leave the site as you found it. We recommend that you carry a garbage bag and put in it all the possible waste that you generate.

In addition, it is essential that we continue to recycle even when we are away from home. Remember that it is these small gestures that you make individually that have a big impact on the environment.

Think about the menu… here’s our proposal

To complete your picnic day, look for recipes that are healthy and easy to enjoy.
An example is cold creams such as cold carrot and tomato soup.
cold carrot and tomato soup.
We give you the steps to follow to enjoy this wonderful recipe:

  • Peel the carrots and tomatoes and set aside cold.
  • Grind a handful of raw almonds into breadcrumbs and blend the carrots and tomatoes.
  • Add the almonds and a little water to this mixture if it has a very thick texture. Add olive oil, salt, cumin and apple cider vinegar and finish with a touch of turmeric and ginger powder.
  • When serving the soup add a spoonful of Greek yogurt, cumin powder and a drizzle of olive oil.

Y… done! Plus, it’s a perfect recipe to carry in your thermos-bottle, it will stay at the perfect temperature!

Are you all set for your eco picnic?

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