5 tips for a very eco-friendly life, the planet needs you!

This year 2020 has been historic on many levels, but the way in which we are going to have to behave towards the public from now on has been, without a doubt, the action that has been the hardest for us to assimilate.
The planet changes and we change with it. We have to take care of him and each other. For this reason, we propose some tips so that in this “new normality” you can become more respectful of the environment and yourself.

Healthier meals

A good diet is of vital importance if we want to feel in harmony with our body and mind. Eating more sustainable foods such as fruits and vegetables will make you feel better about yourself while helping to reduce the harmful effect on climate change.

You can try some of the vegan recipes in which fruits and vegetables are the main food:

▷ Salad of tomatoes and fresh cheese a classic.

Some finely chopped tomatoes along with some bean sprouts, a good handful of walnuts, two portions of fresh cheese and a dressing of oil, vinegar and salt. Always accompanied by a good

cold drink

makes this dish a star of the summer.

▷ Cherry gazpacho

Innovation in a traditional dish. Bringing together all the typical ingredients of gazpacho – tomato, bell pepper, garlic, oil, bread crumbs – and adding a red fruit such as cherry, the explosion of flavor and surprise will leave you speechless.

¡Use your imagination! In each house the same recipes are made but in different ways. Experiment to get the most original and delicious dish!

Sustainable transportation

During the entire confinement stage, air pollution has decreased by 55%. in the most urban areas of Spain. The main reason has been the The number of vehicles circulating on the roads every day has decreased. In this new stage, we must try to ensure that, as far as possible, pollution from the transport sector continues to decrease.

Some of the changes you can implement in your day-to-day life to make this happen are:

  • In urban areas you can use bicycles, electric scooters or buses whenever possible.
  • For travel between towns or cities a little further apart, the train and subway are the best allies, providing speed and 93% less pollution than gasoline or diesel cars.

Careful with masks

They have become an essential accessory in our daily lives. To enter any store, restaurant, cinema or even to walk down the street, face masks will from now on be as essential an accessory as a cell phone or wallet.

We have the possibility of changing products that are harmful to the ecosystem, which we use every day and are easily disposable, for others that are more sustainable and biodegradable – as in the case of fabric masks. They are thrown away without thinking about the repercussions they can have on the environment, especially on the


the big losers.

Therefore, the most effective solution proposed to alleviate the excess of facemasks in litter and on the streets is cloth facemasks: made of 100% cotton, approved, washable, certified and reusable.

For a more eco-friendly “new normality”!