Distributed by Brushboo: The Number 1 ECO Personal Care Brand in Spain.

???? Become a reference in ECO sales in your area.

Join more than 250 retailers throughout Spain and offer the ECO alternative in personal care.

We support the small point of sale. Distributor pricing allows you to sell at a lower price than on our website.

More than 150,000 brushes sold in less than 2 years. Customers love our products.

Boost your sales and reach new customers. Marketing eco alternatives has a direct impact on your sales.



1. Present in more than 250 points of sale and 300 dental clinics.

From Pharmacies to Dental Clinics, Hotels, Supermarkets, Herbalists, Eco Stores and many more, there are already more than 250 establishments in Spain that distribute Brushboo products.

2. In-house manufacturing. Capacity of hundreds of thousands of products per month

Our 100% eco-friendly production line has the necessary muscle to meet the needs of small businesses and large partnerships. Without intermediaries.

Proven success. More than 150,000 brushes sold.

Proven concept: We have sold more than 150,000 brushes in our online store and to distributors.

4. Exclusive Distributor Discounts

We offer you the possibility to sell at cheaper prices than our own online store.

5. Customer Satisfaction

The eco alternative with a quality product adds up to two. You help the planet to be free of plastic and offer high quality products.

6. You help to leave the world a better place

More than 4 billion plastic brushes end up in the sea every year. By using Brushboo’s eco-friendly alternative you contribute to the cleanliness of the oceans.



The brush everyone is talking about.
  • Manufactured with a solid bamboo handle and environmentally friendly packaging.
  • BPA free bristles manufactured in Nylon 6
  • Designed in conjunction with dentists to create the best shape and size
  • Motivational recorded phrases : “Make Happiness a Habit” “Why so Serious?” “Smile, I’m watching” and many more.

  • Made of organic cotton and fast-growing moso bamboo.
  • Disposable in organic waste. Packaging 100% recycled material.
  • Each package includes 100 swabs.

Brushboo’s best-seller, now also for the little ones at home. A smaller size to adapt to them and introduce them to the eco world.
  • Manufactured with a soft bamboo handle and environmentally friendly packaging.
  • BPA-free bristles manufactured in Dupont Nylon 6
  • Designed in conjunction with dentists to create the best shape and size
  • Motivational recorded phrases : “Make Happiness a Habit” “Why so Serious?” “Smile, I’m watching” and many more.

  • Plastic straws are very harmful to the environment. They are practically indestructible and are particularly harmful to marine life. With our 100% bamboo straws, you can enjoy your drink while contributing to a plastic-free environment.
  • Includes 4 bamboo straws of 22cm and 1 stainless steel cleaning brush.
  • 100% organic, BPA free, biodegradable, reusable and handmade.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.

  • Unique exterior, 100% organic bamboo.
  • Food grade 18/8 stainless steel interior.
  • Double wall, maintains the temperature like no other.
  • Ideal for coffee, tea and all hot and cold beverages (hot up to 12 hours | cold up to 24 hours).
  • Includes removable tea infuser and strainer. Ideal for preparing teas, fruit water or even herbal drinks.
  • 100% BPA and spill free.


“Customers keep asking for it.”

“We have been selling personal care products in our pharmacy and parapharmacy for years. With few products we have seen the reach and traction that the 100% eco toothbrush has generated. The fact that dentists also recommend changing toothbrushes every 3 months keeps customers coming back. We are delighted with Brushboo and hope that for many years to come we can continue to contribute to this great initiative.” – Teresa, Pharmacy owner in the Balearic Islands.

“It has become our No. 1 dental product.”

“The One Less at Sea campaign has made our small business known only in and around our area. Brushboo has provided us with the resources to make our herbalist shop a center where personal care is also present.” – Jorge, Owner of Herbalist in Zamora.

“Being the first in the area to have the eco alternative has put us ahead of the competition.”

“In our area we have always had to travel to Madrid to have access to niche products like this. Now in our store we offer an alternative that the residents of our town and surrounding area have as a reference. Being the first has been fundamental” – Lucia, Owner of Small Business in Teruel

“Brushboo supports small businesses, we build customer loyalty and we all contribute to the environment.”

“Selling products for the sake of it is not how we want to run a business. Meeting Brushboo, Antonio and his team is what brings us closer to our mission of offering quality products that are good for us, our customers and our environment, thank you.” – Ana Maria, Founding Partner of Pequeño Comercio in Barcelona





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