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More sustainable hair care with these ECO products

A healthier, shinier mane with less environmental impact? If you want to change your cosmetics and hair products for more sustainable and natural options, you are in the right place. At Brushboo we have a wide range of ECO facial and hair cosmetics perfect for a more respectful care for both skin and hair as well as for the environment.

In our online store you will find the best sustainable shampoos, perfect to include in your hair routine. One of the best options if you wash your hair every day or if you have soft hair that detangles easily is our solid frequent use shampoo. Made with argan oil, aloe vera and lavender essential oil. Argan oil increases the elasticity of hair strands. It also provides hydration, softness and shine. Aloe vera provides softness and shine. Finally, lavender essential oil stimulates the birth and growth of new hair fibers and strengthens existing ones.

solid shampoo for frequent use

Greasy hair? Then you should use the
solid shampoo for oily hair
perfect for getting rid of excess oil. Contains menthol which acts to strengthen the hair follicles and reduces irritation. It also provides a wonderful sensation of freshness. Another main ingredient is white grapefruit, which strengthens hair growth.

solid shampoo for oily hair

Our solid shampoos are 100% organic, including the packaging. They do not harm our ecosystem.

Don’t forget your bamboo hairbrush

Add to cart our
bamboo combing brush
a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic brushes. Our styling brush is made of 100% bamboo, which will provide numerous benefits when caring for your hair. Thanks to the rounded bristles, they provide an extra massage effect, ideal for stimulating the hair follicles and promoting hair growth.

It is also suitable for combing and detangling any type of hair. This is because bamboo brushes have wide, soft bristles, so when brushing, the strands separate easily and the hair detangles without tugging.

With anti-static function, it effectively reduces hair friction for easy combing and prevents hair loss problems, split ends, brittle hair and even dandruff.

In addition, it is lightweight and portable, so it is perfect for use at home and to take on trips, to the gym… And best of all it is eco-friendly and sustainable, as well as vegan since our brush does not have boar bristles or similar.

It also regulates fat. The wooden tips help to distribute the sebum from the hair from the roots to the ends so that the oil is balanced. It also restores shine and softness to the hair.

Bamboo hair brush

Get your sustainable hair care now! Enter Brushboo to buy online your solid shampoo and your bamboo hair brush at the best prices.


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