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Solid shampoo for oily hair


For a radiant mane!

Get rid of excess oil with this shampoo for oily hair composed of menthol y white grapefruit essential oil.

Get used to having a radiant mane every day!

What is solid shampoo made of?

  • Menthol.
  • White grapefruit essential oil.

What are its main properties?

The menthol strengthens the hair follicles and reduces irritation, it also provides a wonderful feeling of freshness and the white grapefruit essential oil white grapefruit essential oil strengthens hair growth.

You will love it for…
  • Its smell is the first thing you will notice when you open it!
  • The texture it will leave on your hair from the first use
  • Our solid shampoos shampoos (and their packaging!) are 100% ecologicalso they do not harm our ecosystem.
This product is for you if…
  • Your hair produces a lot of sebum on the scalp
  • You feel dirty hair very quickly after washing it
  • You have dandruff

Remember that with your purchase you are contributing to reforestation. We allocate 10 % of our profits to these projects through the association
Plant for the Planet