Biodegradable rods of Bamboo - Pack 2 boxes



Biodegradable rods - Alone organic cotton and bamboo


🍃Your rods Brushboo are done with bamboo wood moso - of rapid growth - organic cotton and packaging respectful with the environment.

🥦 The rods Brushboo, in addition to being veganos, you can reject them in organic garbage or in the compost.The box proceeds of recycled material.

✅ only ones with certificationFSC that guarantees that its forest origin has been managed appropriately with regard to the environmental conservationthat they indicateinternational standards.


🐼What does it include?

  • 2 boxes of 100 echo rods Brushboo

Alone natural elements to look after.

♻️With the rods Brushboo you help to maintain our free planet of an excessive consumption of plastic. You can be the change that the world needs and to help to reduce the million rods that finish in the oceans and in the field every year.

Buying Brushboo you are collaborating in several reafforestation projects those that we support with 10 % of our benefits across"Plant for the Planet".


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