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ECO PACKS para el Día de la Madre

The best ECO PACKS for Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Brushboo! Surprise her with our ECO PACKS, a fantastic idea for her to discover and try our sustainable products. We have

bastoncillos de bambú bio

Biodegradable bamboo sticks for your personal care

The biodegradable bamboo swabs have become a popular and sustainable option to replace single-use plastic swabs. have become a popular and sustainable option to replace single-use plastic swabs. These ecological products have multiple uses in everyday life, which makes them an environmentally friendly alternative. If you want to include them

champús sólidos Brushboo

Brushboo solid shampoos, your sustainable alternative for your hair

Switch to solid shampoos! If you’re looking for an environmentally sustainable alternative for your hair care, from Brushboo would like to introduce you to our solid shampoos. Unlike conventional liquid shampoos, these come in tablet form, which means they do not use plastic bottles for packaging. Therefore, they are the


Fight orange peel skin with our anti-cellulite massager

Do you want to significantly reduce cellulite? Also known as orange peel skin, cellulite is a condition in which the skin takes on a dimpled appearance. It occurs when fat cells under the skin clump together, causing a distortion of the skin surface. This condition is more common in women

21 de marzo, Día Internacional de los Bosques

March 21, International Day of Forests

A week of great events. Today we celebrate Father’s Day, while Thursday, March 21 will mark the beginning of spring and International Forest Day. From Brushboo we want to get ahead of this date to raise awareness about the importance of caring for and preserving all forest areas of the


Organic products from Brushboo for Father’s Day

At Brushboo we continue to offer you ideas to surprise your father next March 19th. In our article Choose our sustainable eco packs for Father’s Day you can find the best eco packs to surprise your father. Different options so you can select the one that best suits your father’s

día del padre

Choose our sustainable Eco Packs for Father’s Day

The countdown to March 19 is on! Father’s Day is a special celebration to honor fathers and father figures around the world. It is the perfect occasion to surprise our parents with a gift that reflects the love and care we feel for them. If you’re looking for a sustainable

Discos desmaquillantes reutilizables

Reusable make-up remover discs for facial care

How many make-up remover discs have you used in the last week? And in the last month? And a year? Make-up remover discs are part of our facial routine. We use at least two a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. It is true that sometimes

cepillo de peinar de bambú beneficios

Get your hands on our bamboo combing brush

Do you still use plastic combing brushes? If you want to lead a more environmentally friendly life, from Brushboo we recommend you to start using our bamboo combing brush. These brushes have recently become very popular as an environmentally friendly and hair-healthy alternative to conventional plastic brushes. Why buy our


The importance of dental floss in oral hygiene

Do you brush only your teeth? Do you floss after brushing? Some people simply brush their teeth while others use mouthwash after brushing. And then there are those who take proper care of their oral health by brushing, flossing and, finally, rinsing their mouth. These are the necessary steps to


Find your ECO pack for Valentine’s Day

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on! This is a date where many people are looking for special and meaningful gifts for their loved ones. If you are looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable option, the eco-packs of Brushboo may be the perfect choice. Our packs are designed to promote


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