Blue cloth adult comb



The echo cloth brush uses a The best bamboo sword and environmental protection packaging 

🍃Toothbrush with bamboo You help our planet stay away from excessive plastic consumption You can Changes the world needs And help reduce the billions of brushes that disappear every year in the oceans and fields.

✅ Single authenticationFSC To ensure that their forest sources are properly managed in terms of environmental protectionOf the language of your choiceInternational standards.

We will tell you in more detail what they are and how:

1292999; Brushb's sow franco They are Nylon 6 DuPont Nylon 6 is a plastic High biodegradation You can use it to make wax on toothbrushes Bisphenol A (BP a) is found in some plastic toothbrushes and is harmful to health.

👩🏽‍⚕65039 our combs are designed What are you doing now? Create the best form and size of ergonomics at the same time Polish your smile

🐼 What's in brushberg's comb?

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  • A Morse bamboo knife with a motto of a smile

💃🏽 What inspirational sentences do we have

We'll send our combs at random I'll give you a surprise at home.Some of our sentences are:

  • Make happiness a habit
  • Why so serious?
  • Smile,I'm watching
  • Life is too short, live through
  • Your future is waiting outside
  • Spend your days with happiness
  • ...
  • More on the way


 Would you like to see our first batch of brushes and cotton bags? have a lookhere

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