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5 eco ideas to surprise your date with

Great expectations. Nerves. Butterflies in the stomach. Is it what you feel minutes before going on a date? I’m sure it is. But don’t let the emotion overwhelm you. We help you to plan with some tips for a green date. These are the proposals we bring you, which are your favorites?

Outdoor picnic

I’m sure you have a park near your home.

Mtuck in a backpack a large blanket, a couple of plates,
2 glasses and a
with a refreshing drink (cold water, lemonade, orange juice…). And for snacking some fresh fruits that are easy to eat, fresh bread that you can accompany with hummus or whatever suits you best for the moment.

There are many parks to enjoy nature. In Madrid, you can find some of the most emblematic such as the Retiro Park or the Temple of Debod Gardens. If you are in another city, such as Barcelona, one of the most popular parks is La Ciudadela or Los Jardines del Grec. They are perfect for the occasion.

Being surrounded by pure nature will create a relaxing and unforgettable atmosphere.

Bike ride

If you are a more adventurous person and like to explore, this option is perfect. Propose to your date a
city tour
on wheels. The views are different and it is very exciting.

Don’t you have bikes? You can rent them! This service is available in many cities. For this plan, you can do a route through Casa de Campo or Madrid Río (in Madrid) or along the famous network of bike lanes in Barceloneta (Barcelona).

It is an economical and very healthy. However, it is best to plan a route so as not to miss the best views in sunlight.

Green Dinner

Surprise your partner by taking her out to dinner! For those who love the culinary art, there are several alternatives
to keep our stomachs happy and content.

Choose a restaurant that is not difficult for both of you to get to, and comfortable for chatting and dining.

A few that we recommend to have on your vegan radar is

Levél Veggie Bistro

If you love Italian food,

Pizzi & Dixie

which uses no animal foods.

Details with ecolove

If you want to surprise your partner with a gift, make it as ecofriendly as possible and even better if it is of vegan origin .

Within our packs you will find products for personal care and hygiene that are vegan, 100% biodegradable and made from natural bamboo. They are a success!

If your date is someone in love with skin care, something else you can offer is facial care products, such as anti-aging serums or purifying masks from the brand


which uses organic and natural ingredients, recycled packaging and promotes the reuse of its products. An excellent choice!

If you found this article very useful, you can share it with your friends or even your partner to tell him/her “indirectly” how you would like to be surprised.


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