A more sustainable Halloween

It’s already November 31st and that can only mean one thing… That’s right, Halloween is here!
The scariest party of the year is here and, from BRUSHBOO, we want to propose some of the most innovative and original ideas to make your Halloween the most sustainable in your city.

The most terrifying costumes

If you also take advantage of any occasion to dress up, here are some tips for you to find the most terrifying and eco-friendly costume possible.

  • Reuse as much as you can. Rummage through your closet for old clothes so you can turn them into a spooky zombie or grab a worn-out sheet for a classic ghost costume.
  • Borrow.If you can’t find anything at home that you can use as a costume, talk to friends or family, there’s bound to be someone who can lend you some old clothes or an old costume they’ve worn in years past!
  • Makeup as the best option. More economical and less polluting than buying a new costume every year. However, make sure that the cosmetics are of plant origin, that they use sustainable packaging and that the company contributes to protecting the environment.


If you had planned a small gathering with a close friend or family member to celebrate this holiday as it deserves, you can not miss a good snack to keep everyone happy.

First things first, don’t use disposable plates, glasses or cutlery. Apart from having a terrible impact on the environment, in the long run they end up being much more expensive than investing initially in a tableware made of a resistant material that can be used on more occasions.

It is normal that you do not want to use ceramic or glass tableware, since they are more prone to break at any time; here comes your best ally, bamboo. It is resistant and hard, easy to wash and, in the case of the
leaves no taste in your food.

To top it off, you can try to offer food that is local and in season. Sustainability has no limits.

A terrifying Brushboo

If you are already a Brushbooer, you probably already own more than one of our products.

  • You can reuse some of them to decorate your home in the most original way. For example, in the bamboo thermos flask you can insert a small candle and let the light come out upwards. Also, if you combine it by putting some mask in front of it, it will give a spooky feeling.
  • With some
    bamboo brush
    that has more worn bristles you can apply some paint to sprinkle on other objects to give a sense of fake blood.
  • If you have saved the
    used wheat straws
    straws that you were going to throw away, with a little patience you can glue them together to create a realistic spider web.

Remember that when the party is over you can save some of the things you’ve used to give it a second life next year!

The fight against climate change does not rest a day.

The scariest and most sustainable Halloween is with you!