Beach preservation and cleaning after the vacations

Did you know that World Beach Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of September? The objective of this celebration is to raise public awareness about the conservation of marine spaces and the environment. Of course, it is also a date to highlight the importance of protecting and preserving our beautiful beaches and coasts, so that we can continue to enjoy them during the vacations.

Our beaches are natural treasures to which we can escape to enjoy the relaxation of nature, to disconnect from the chaotic routine, to regain strength and energy, to take a dip … Or just to lie on the sand and relax to the sound of the sea. Nor can we forget the marine life, worthy of being observed.

The problem is that our beaches and oceans are threatened due to pollution, coastal erosion and irresponsible human activities. Surely this summer you have found cigarette butts, plastics, garbage… on the beach. Taking advantage of the fact that this weekend will take place the World Beaches Day, from
we want to invite you to act and take care of these valuable ecosystems. How? Keeping our beaches clean.

The importance of World Beaches Day

Beaches are vulnerable to contamination from plastics, solid waste, chemicals and other debris. This day gives us the opportunity to educate people about the negative impacts of pollution and how we can reduce our plastic consumption and avoid littering the beaches.

By caring for our beaches, we also protect these ecosystems and help preserve marine biodiversity. Of course, we will enjoy a cleaner sea and sand, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy these beautiful places. We must bet on sustainable tourism!

Important: whenever you go to the beach, take a bag with you to dispose of all your garbage and then throw it in a container. Do not leave anything on the beach. Our proposal: start using our
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Actions to celebrate World Beaches Day

Join the beach cleanup initiative, an excellent way to preserve and keep our beaches clean. Many organizations and communities organize clean-up events on this date, where volunteers gather to pick up trash and raise awareness about the importance of keeping beaches clean.

Another action is to reduce the consumption of plastics as they are one of the main sources of pollution on the beaches. We can reduce our consumption by using reusable bags, refillable water bottles and avoiding single-use products. Enter our online store where you will find plenty of alternatives to plastics. Dental hygiene products, personal care, home care and much more.

Finally, it is essential to follow the rules established on the beaches, such as not leaving garbage, not damaging marine ecosystems and respecting protected areas. In doing so, we contribute to maintaining the balance and health of these environments.

World Beaches Day reminds us that we all have an important role to play in the protection and conservation of our beaches. By caring for these ecosystems, we are ensuring a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come. Join this celebration! Tell us what you do to conserve and maintain clean beaches.