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Brushboo solid shampoos, your sustainable alternative for your hair

Switch to solid shampoos! If you’re looking for an environmentally sustainable alternative for your hair care, from
would like to introduce you to our solid shampoos. Unlike conventional liquid shampoos, these come in tablet form, which means they do not use plastic bottles for packaging. Therefore, they are the ideal product to take care of the planet, but they are also an economical, durable and easy-to-carry option.

Why start using solid shampoos? Because they are made with natural ingredients such as vegetable and essential oils, butters, plant extracts and other beneficial components for the hair. By not using harsh ingredients, they cleanse, sanitize and respect both scalp and hair.

If you want to include Brushboo’s
Brushboo solid shampoos
solid shampoos in your personal care, here are some of their main benefits, find out why they are an excellent choice for hair care!

Reasons to use solid shampoos

  • Natural ingredients. One of the main benefits and, therefore, reasons to replace your liquid shampoo with solid shampoo is that it is formulated with natural ingredients and is respectful of your hair. Therefore, they do not include harsh chemicals that can damage the hair in the long term. Hair lasts longer cleaner.
  • Less water for processing. Another advantage of solid shampoos is that they require less water for their preparation.
  • No plastic containers. By eliminating the need for plastic packaging, solid shampoo contributes to the reduction of plastic waste and thus to the preservation of the environment.
  • Longer duration. Due to its compact form, it tends to last longer than liquid shampoo, which can represent long-term savings.
  • Ideal for travel. Solid cosmetics last longer and take up less space, which is a great advantage when traveling. A solid shampoo tablet will take up and weigh less than a bottle of liquid shampoo.

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  • Frequently used
    . Made with argan oil, aloe vera and lavender essential oil. Argan oil manages to increase the elasticity of the hair strands, as well as moisturizing and softening them. Aloe vera also acts as a conditioner, so softness and shine are guaranteed. Finally, lavender essential oil stimulates the growth of new hair fibers and strengthens existing ones. Suitable for those who wash their hair every day and for those who have very soft hair that detangles easily.

frequent use shampoo

  • For oily hair
    . Combat excess oil with this shampoo made with menthol and white grapefruit essential oil. Menthol strengthens hair follicles and reduces irritation. It also provides a sensation of freshness. White grapefruit essential oil strengthens hair growth. Recommended for hair that produces a lot of sebum on the scalp, for those who have dandruff or for those who notice that their hair is dirty after washing.

Oily hair solid shampoo

Don’t wait any longer! Start using our solid shampoos. It is a more sustainable and respectful alternative for the planet, but also for your hair. For more information about our solid shampoos,
please contact us
. We will answer all your questions.


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