Brushboo sustainable straws to reduce plastic use

Looking for plastic-free straws? If you are determined to reduce the consumption of plastic in your daily life,
we are your eco-friendly alternative. In our online store you will find a wide range of 100% ecological products and packaging that do not harm our ecosystem. In addition, when you buy in our store, you will be contributing to reforestation as we allocate 10% of our profits to these projects through the Plant For The Planet association.

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you will find two fantastic alternatives of sustainable straws perfect to accompany your favorite drinks, cocktails, smoothies, juices… They do not modify the taste of the drink! Discover the best alternative to plastic with these eco-friendly straws.

Pack 4 bamboo straws

Our first sustainable option to stop using plastic straws is this fantastic pack of four reusable bamboo straws. Enjoy your favorite drinks while helping to care for and protect the environment with our bamboo straws. You will love them for their resistance and hardness, ideal for any type of glass. And best of all, you can reuse them as many times as you want.

This pack includes four 22 cm bamboo straws and a stainless steel cleaning brush to keep your straws clean and in perfect condition. Don’t wait any longer! Get this pack of bamboo straws for your family. They leave no taste in the mouth and, in addition, they do not fall apart. Say goodbye to plastic with our bamboo straws. They last a lifetime!

bamboo straws

Pack 100 wheat straws

Another option available in our online store are our wheat straws. They come in 100 units, which means it is the perfect pack for celebrations (birthdays, house parties, family events…). Free of plastic, wheat straws can be recycled without problems and without polluting. In fact, they are 100% ecological, just like the packaging, so they do not harm the ecosystem.

If you are looking for 100% natural straws for your children’s birthday party or for an event with friends and family, we recommend a pack of 100 sustainable wheat straws. Surprise your guests! Perfect for drinking through a straw while helping to protect the environment.

Forget about plastic straws thanks to our sustainable straws. Visit Brushboo to buy reusable bamboo straws or wheat straws online. Choose a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing plastic consumption thanks to these eco straws. You will find the best for you and for the environment in our sustainable online store.

Wheat straws

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