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Brushboo thermos-bottle, the most sustainable option for your beverages

Eliminating plastic bottles by replacing them with reusable bottles is one of the best decisions we can make in our lives. Our health and the health of the planet will benefit. Why? Plastic bottles add to the huge plastic waste problem we have today, damaging and polluting the environment, flora and fauna. In addition, the presence of plastic particles has been found in foods such as fish.

A great way to reduce environmental impact is to opt for reusable Eco bottles, a more environmentally friendly practice. If you don’t already have a reusable bottle, from
we recommend our 100% eco-friendly bamboo thermos-bottle. This way, you can carry water or your favorite beverage wherever you go.

Among its benefits, we can highlight that you will contribute to the care and protection of the environment. In addition, they have a great durability and are more economical because you will not have to buy water bottles daily. Therefore, you will save money. Of course, they are BPA-free. Do your bit to reduce plastic waste with our Eco thermo-bottle.

Reasons to have the Brushboo thermos-bottle


If you are looking for the best thermos-bottle, from Brushboo we recommend you our
Eco thermos-bottle
because it is perfect for any type of beverage. You will be able to take coffee, tea, water, juices, smoothies… wherever you go.

What is so special about our thermo-bottle? First, it includes detachable tea infuser (strainer plus infuser basket) in stainless steel so you can take your favorite teas and infusions to work, to the gym, to the library, to the university… Secondly, thanks to its double wall, it keeps the tea and infusions in the same place. hot beverages up to 12 hours y cold up to 24 hoursIt is ideal for both winter and summer. In addition, it is shock and drop resistant.

Third, it has an Eco-Friendly design. With 100% organic bamboo exterior and food grade 18/8 stainless steel interior. Also, 100% BPA and spill free. FDA + EU approved. With a capacity of 400 ml, the perfect size to carry your drinks wherever you go. Finally, the lid is designed to be spill-proof.

The Brushboo thermo-bottle is 100% ecological, as is the packaging. It does not damage the ecosystem. If you are looking for a bottle with an eco-friendly thermos function, you will love our model.

Beyond our Brushboo thermos-bottle, we want to highlight our Eco Home section where you will find more sustainable options for your daily life such as Eco kitchen set, bamboo cutlery or reusable straws. Find out!


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