Can you imagine if we all lived in houses made of eco-friendly bricks?

If these different eco technologies were to be implemented in all future buildings, our planet earth would be turned around, helping the environmental problem.

Many “green” inventions are currently being developed.
“We are committed to the construction industry for the support of our planet. For this reason, different ecological bricks have emerged, each with different components and characteristics, but with the same purpose.

Let’s start with the carbon dioxide-absorbing brick designed in Japan. Its composition is based on sand and mostly silicon in special molds where carbon dioxide is injected and then another component to compact the material. It is a very resistant material, easy to manufacture and a great substitute for conventional brick, which is made of concrete.

What makes these bricks ecological and special is that they are small deposits of this harmful gas that is killing our planet. Therefore, by using this type of material, the C02 in our environment would be reduced, being a help but not a solution.

We can also find bricks made from recycled plastic created in Colombia. This company carries with it a great social and environmental commitment, since the raw material for this product is plastic found in the country’s landfills.

It is 30% cheaper than the material commonly used, therefore it is more affordable for people with lower purchasing power. The final result is a quality house, which can be built by anyone in a few days, since its system is of interlocking pieces. These are made from the mixture of molten plastic together with other additives to reinforce their quality and resistance.

These breakthroughs are a great substitute for the commonly made concrete-based brick. The manufacture of this material consumes a lot of energy, being guilty of about 40% of the C02 produced by the construction industry, according to studies revealed.

In case you didn’t know, this harmful gas is the main culprit of climate change, along with methane and nitrous oxide. The higher the emission of CO2 in the Earth, the higher the temperature rises to a point that could bring apocalyptic consequences; causing an imbalance in the Earth’s equilibrium. Some examples of these serious consequences are: extinction of some species, floods, coral bleaching, droughts, etc.

Therefore, other countries should take as an example, together with the support of their respective governments, the implementation of this type of environmentally friendly constructions in order to preserve our planet.