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Did you know that you can use your coffee as an exfoliant?

Coffee is a beverage that is indispensable for many people to start to start the day or the afternoon with energy.. Its moderate consumption has been endorsed with a large number of benefits, but we can also use the remains to take care of our skin through an exfoliating scrub.

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we love to give as much life to what we use as we can, so reusing and reuse this common food helps us to reduce our consumption. Today we want to tell you about the many virtues of coffee for skin care, as well as some recipes so you can prepare them at home.

The benefits of coffee on the skin

Coffee is known not only for its Alzheimer’s prevention, memory stimulation and probiotic effect, but also for its antioxidant properties. antioxidant properties and the caffeine it provides to the body. This is something that also transfers to our skin when we use it as an exfoliant, making your skin look healthy and full of vitality.

Thanks to this beauty treatment, you will find multiple benefits from the first moment you use it:

  • It will activate the blood circulationThe nutrient and oxygen supply to the whole organism is improved. In addition, it will reduce the inflammation that some areas such as the eye contour may suffer. In this way, dark circles under the eyes will fade and the skin will appear smoother and younger.
  • The trace of redness, marks and blemishes redness, marks and blemishessuch as those caused by acne.
  • It will accelerate wound healing of wounds you may have suffered that you may have suffered in the dermis, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic substances it produces.
  • It will stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, which is essential to ensure the concentration of fibroblasts and, therefore, a healthier and rejuvenated complexion.
  • Excess facial fat will be reduced.
  • The skin will be protected from the damaging action of free radicals, which are mainly responsible for premature skin aging. premature aging of the skin. If you make use of ground coffee together with natural oils or extracts, you will have in your hands a powerful remedy to reduce recent stretch marks, stimulating the growth of new skin cells.

3 coffee scrub recipes

All of the above benefits of coffee can be achieved without the need for expensive creams or incisive treatments. It will be enough to choose the coffee you drink every morning, although you should be careful with new coffee just out of the package, because it can be very exfoliating and hurt you a little. The best time for this ritual is right after the bathThe steam will have dilated your pores and your skin will be more receptive.

Coffee body scrub

For this first recipe, we are going to focus on areas that are exposed to continuous frictionThe most common areas of the body are the knees, elbows and heels. As they are in daily contact with garments, they are an important exfoliation point. You will feel soft again and you will be able to remove all dead skin cells.

You will need:

  • Half a cup of ground coffee
  • One quarter cup of brown sugar
  • 60 ml coconut oil

Mix the three ingredients until you obtain a creamy and homogeneous a creamy and homogeneous pasteUse about a tablespoon for each area you want to treat. Leave it on for about five minutes, then remove it with cold water.

If you have any leftover coffee scrub, you can store it in a covered container, up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Coffee scrub for the face

We now continue with the face, but first we would like to give you a small warning. The face, being in continuous exposure to external agents, can be clearly more sensitive than the elbows or knees. In fact, you should be careful with the eye contour area.

In this case, thanks to the exfoliating coffee scrub, we will get a more moisturized, luminous and more hydrated face, with luminosity and softness.. We leave you with two options:

  • With cocoa powderMix four tablespoons of ground coffee, six tablespoons of cocoa powder and six tablespoons of whole milk or cream. You will obtain a pasty mixture that you can apply on your skin with a gentle massage in circles. Five minutes and it will be ready, you can remove it with cold water and dry with light touches of a towel.
  • With honeyHere we mix a spoonful of coffee, a spoonful of sugar and a spoonful of honey. You can add a little water to make it less thick, and it will help remove dirt from your face. In addition, honey is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, like coffee, so the effect will be enhanced. In the same way as before, five minutes on the skin and clean it well.


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