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Do you know the urban agriculture of the future?

Technology is advancing and rural agriculture is not lagging behind. This promises to be a green and sustainable solution to supply food for future population growth, which will be significant, thus requiring at least 70% more production than today.

Have you heard the term “vertical farms”?

Well, this innovative term refers to urban constructions of greenhouse buildings for food harvesting. This project seeks a more efficient and sustainable agriculture, since, being an ecosystem created and dominated by humans, it is possible to control the optimal conditions for its growth.

If you are still not convinced by the “vertical farm” concept, read the following advantages and you will change your mind:

– With no middlemen involved, transportation is reduced, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions and associated costs.

– As it is a controlled environment, there are no seasons or seasons for harvesting food; there are no weeds or pests, so it is not necessary to use chemicals or pesticides; in other words, we will be consuming organic products.

– Use of space, leaving large areas of land for other uses.

– Less energy consumption, up to 40% and a large percentage less water.

– We will consume much fresher products.

Advanced countries such as the United States, Japan, China, among others, are examples of nations that have created their vertical farms, each in its own style and method, serving as models for the rest of the world. Japan uses LED lighting technology, which makes vegetables grow much faster. The United States applies the technique of water reuse and hydroponics, allowing you to plant several types of vegetables and herbs together.

While Dubai will complete the world’s largest vertical garden by the end of 2019 located next to the airport with about 12,000 square meters. Financed by the union of two large companies; one belonging to the Emirates airline and an American company for which they will be responsible for supplying vegetables to various airlines and airport lounges, providing higher quality in the products offered.

But, you don’t have to wait until your country develops these artificial gardens, you can build a simple mini vertical farm yourself at home or in the community, with the vegetables of your choice and season.

Here are some cool ideas to inspire you to create your own small vertical garden:

These breakthroughs in the agriculture industry are not only looking for a future solution to feed the growing population, but also a way to help the environment by slowing down climate change. The idea is that this is a solution that all countries can implement either with the help of the government or private companies.


"Lots of little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world."