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Essential oils: What are their benefits?

Legend has it that Cleopatra conquered Mark Antony with rose essential oils. These aromatic substances used in cosmetics and medicine have their origins in Egyptian and Chinese culture. In addition, of course, they were used for embalming the dead and for spiritual purposes.

Later, its use and knowledge in medicine was inherited by other civilizations, such as the Greeks. In fact, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, recommended massages with essential oils and in his writings he recorded the properties of various medicinal plants. Later, in the Roman and Arab cultures, the technique of distillation of medicinal plants was perfected, resulting in these oils.

Nowadays, most essential oils are obtained through distillation and cold pressing, thus obtaining a liquid that represents the pure essence of the plant and allows us to enjoy all its properties.

The magic of essential oils

The benefits are multiple, since the distillation or extraction process manages to maintain the specific and unique properties of the plant from which it is obtained. For the creation of each type of essential oil, as much of the required material or plant as possible is needed.

What is the best oil for you?

As always, it will depend on your needs at any given time. We tell you some of the most popular oils and their main benefits.

For dry, irritated or tired skin, lavender and carrot essential oils are best.

Cypress oil

It is a great regulator of the nervous system. It calms anxiety, sadness and regulates self-esteem.

Rose oil

To treat stress, it is the most suitable. You can add a few drops in your bathtub and enjoy a moment to yourself.

Lavender oil

Lavender is also recommended as a relaxant for body and mind and to improve sleep.

Jasmine oil

It is used as an aphrodisiac and stimulates seductive qualities, releasing and stimulating sexual energy between partners. In addition, its relaxing properties go very well with a yoga session.

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How should you use them?

You have many ways! We recommend that you choose a time of the day, perhaps before going to bed, when you know that you will not be distracted by outside stimuli.

The right, relaxed atmosphere is a great setting to enjoy the wonderful properties of these oils (and their smells!).

You can add a few drops of these oils in your bathtub or apply these oils after showering as a moisturizer.

Remember that the most important thing is to choose oils that do not contain toxic components harmful to your health. To do this, it is best to make sure you buy them in specialized stores.

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