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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the frequently asked questions about our ecological and biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, Brushboo:

Brushboo toothbrush is made of bamboo. Are you harming pandas and bamboo forests?

Absolutely no. The bamboo we are using is moso bamboo, a giant timber bamboo native to China. Moso bamboo is a fast growing bamboo plant that is not eaten by pandas. Pandas don’t like moso bamboo, they eat other species.

Where is your bamboo coming from?

    Our moso bamboo comes from China. This bamboo comes from controlled plantations focused on producing bamboo for different applications.

    Is it true that moso bamboo is a fast growing plant?

      We prefer you see it on a video:

      Why are you selling some toothbrushes with bamboo seeds?

        We not only want to reduce plastic consumption but also increase the oxygen in the air. Bamboo plants produce up to 30% more oxygen than other plants. So that, planting your own bamboo you do your bit for the planet.

        Depending on the country moso bamboo can be an invasive specie, how do you recommend to plant your seeds?

          We strongly recommend you to plant your seeds at home in a pot or in a controlled environment. You will love how fast it grows. Here you can see how to plant them: planting bamboo

          Is Brushboo hard, medium or soft bristles?

            Our bristles are medium. However we have different customers with gum sensitivity using them without problems. Give it a try!

            What are your bristles made of?

            Brushboo bristles are made of Nylon 4. It is a material that can biodegrade at least 80% in seawater in around 25 days. We are working on a plant based solution without Nylon. If you want to know more about its biodegradability you can read this paper on Nylon 4.

            Are you shipping worldwide?

              Yes! We are shipping worldwide and you can buy from Australia to Alaska! Different countries have different shipping time but shipping outside Spain is around 10-20 days.

              How much are your shipping costs?


                In Spain we are offering free shipping and we send them by standard Correos ES shipping. It takes around 10 days but sometimes it takes up to a month. This is why we recommend you take our fully tracked shipment, you will receive your order in 24/48 hours for € 1,99.

                EUROPE & REST OF THE WORLD

                We offer free shipping worldwide over € 30. For orders below €30 will be €2 shipping cost to Europe and €5 rest of the world.

                Can I distribute your products?

                  Sure! We love you want to spread the eco toothbrush movement to your area. We are glad to hear more from you. Write us to:

                  I have a special event (wedding, launching presentation, …). Are you making customised products?

                    Yes and you will rock with this option among your colleagues! We can customised your special product from 100 units. Send us an email:

                    Please remember that your questions are welcome on

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