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Heroes without capes do exist: My father is proof of that.

Do you remember that time when mom scolded you for some mischief and you looked to your father for comfort?

At home, since we were little, we have always had allies. If we didn’t like the prohibitions our mother gave us, we immediately went running in a desperate search for approval. Maybe from dad or grandpa, the close uncle, our older brother, or maybe just that someone else who calmed our tantrums.
That person, my father, the one who knows how to calm my ‘tantrums’, teaches me a lot and that is why I admire him. The first time ‘Lalo’, our little dog, died, I was 5 years old and I didn’t understand what had happened. I just cried. Dad taught me that life is a cycle, where you are born, you live and at some point you have to die. And what he always emphasized to me was the life process and the legacy we leave behind.
He told me that life can be wonderful if we know how to value it. And that respecting the living beings around me was the key to maintaining a healthy coexistence. How? By adopting healthy habits and customs that show respect for others and for nature. That’s what he taught me.
Years later, I went on vacation with my family. We were my mother, my father and my brother on a beach in Valencia. We sadly saw the excess plastic debris covering part of the shore. My father, always teaching by example, got up and encouraged us to clean the seashore that afternoon. He told us, “Instead of worrying, let’s take action. Then more people will follow us. And yes, more people joined in picking up trash with us. That afternoon on the beach was amazing.
Today, I carry these teachings imparted with love and respect in me and I want to thank him infinitely. I have ideas and I know that he loves the little

little things

as long as they are useful and


respectful of our environment.
Father’s Day is approaching and I just want to celebrate him, for being the way he is and give him back all the love he sowed in me.

Happy day, Dad!

– Ale


"Lots of little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world."