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How to make your own eco body cleansing kit at home?

I’m sure that every time you shower, wash your hands or brush your teeth you use certain supermarket products that don’t quite convince you and you have changed them more than once.


Not everyone tolerates 100% of the chemical ingredients in these products, such as propylene glycol or sodium sulfate, causing skin or scalp irritation. In addition, they are products that pollute our environment.

So don’t worry, because


is here to give you a few recipes so you can prepare your totally homemade body cleansing kit.

Handmade aloe vera shampoo

Everyone’s hair is different, some are more delicate, others are greasy, dry, thicker, lighter or darker… Therefore, we present a good way to do it with a totally natural product that generates great benefits to the scalp: Aloe vera.

First, we remove the gel contained inside the aloe vera leaf, which is the main ingredient of this whole operation.

We also need a handful of dry soap nuts – you can buy them in specialized stores or drugstores – remove all the seeds that are inside.

Let the water heat up -until it boils- and it is the moment to add the aloe vera gel together with the walnuts. After about 15 minutes, remove the mixture and let it cool down and finally mix it with a little water and a squeeze of lemon juice. This will give extra hydration to our hair.

Finally, it would be ideal to store our shampoo in a bamboo jar.

bamboo jar

We can also use a glass jar or reuse an old gel bottle, so they don’t accumulate and we give a second life to a material that costs a lot to recycle.


Homemade oatmeal soap

The hands are the most exposed part of the body, so they are prone to bruises, scratches or burns. We must take care of them and moisturize them properly and, for this, oatmeal is one of our best allies.

We begin by mixing the caustic soda with the water in a container. Allow to cool. At the same time, heat the shea butter together with the olive oil and rice oil.

When everything is at the same temperature, pour the mixture of soda and water with the shea and oils.

Add some essential oil -if we want it to have a special smell- together with the oat extract.

Whisk so that everything is well dispersed and fill our mold with it.

One way to make the mold also self-made is to cut some beverage cans in half, a good way to reuse cans and avoid increasing waste. This gives the soap an original shape.

Finally, it is unmolded and cut into the desired portions, depending on how many we want or the thickness that is more comfortable for us.

A good way to keep the rest of the soap that will be used later is in small wooden boxes, it will avoid unnecessary contact with plastics and will be kept fresh.


And voila! We now have our homemade soap without any chemical additives. Perfect for your own use or even as a gift.



Natural toothpaste

An action that we perform at least three times a day should not give us problems or be cumbersome. Toothpastes that taste bad, create sores or don’t clean enough… No more! Here we will learn how to create the best friend of the


in a natural and fresh way.

We prepare in a bowl coconut oil -prevents oral candidiasis, sodium bicarbonate -regulates the pH of our mouth, white clay or kaolin -helps mineralize teeth and protects against possible diseases, peppermint essential oil -which is suitable for consumption, helps to fight gingivitis and plaque – and, finally, a pinch of sea salt -prevents cavities.


Just stir it all up and you’re done!


You already have a healthy homemade toothpaste that you can put in a

sustainable packaging

next to your brush. It is best to use glass jars that will no longer be used, an old ceramic vase, or you can even make your own out of wood and wicker!

If you prefer to vary the recipe,


you can find more of the same organic varieties.

At first it may seem a little strange to do all this on your own. but if you get into the rhythm of creating your own cleansing kit at home you will see that your skin, hair and mouth will thank you (and your pocket too).


"Lots of little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world."