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International day against climate change

On October 24, as every year, the International Day against Climate Change is celebrated.

Year after year, the global temperature of the planet is rising and the tendency is that it will continue to increase in the coming years, unless we manage to slow it down in a radical way.

The main causes are the high concentration of greenhouse gases that accumulate in the atmosphere – a cause directly related to the burning of fossil fuels to generate energy for large factories and livestock farms.


Therefore, from Brushboo, we want to give you some tips that can be done on a daily basis and can help to prevent climate change.


Measures to reduce climate change

Here is a list of actions that we can take at home every day and that will help lower CO2 emissions in a simple way:

Disconnect electronic devices.

Most televisions and computers continue to consume power if left plugged in, even after they are turned off.

Use a non-plastic bag.

Every time you go shopping or run an errand, remember to avoid carrying plastic bags for the sake of the environment.

Showering instead of bathing.

The amount of water saved will be significant, and less energy will be used to heat it.

Reduce meat consumption.

The production and distribution of meat has a tremendously negative impact on the environment due to greenhouse gas emissions.

Use bamboo products as a substitute for plastic.

You will be able to help the planet by using sustainable and eco-friendly products instead of polluting it with objects that take hundreds of years to degrade. At Brushboo, we try to raise awareness through our products, such as the
bamboo toothbrushes.

Use alternative means of transportation.

The bicycle is the ideal option if you have to make short trips or the bus if they are of medium distance. The private automobile is responsible for 10% of all CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Change the light bulbs for LED or energy-saving bulbs.

You will save costs on your bill and, in addition, you will contribute to saving the environment.

Look for the European Ecolabel.

It is a flower with the euro symbol signifying that those who have manufactured this product have conformed to strict environmental standards.

Make use of the 3Rs:


  • Reduce the amount of plastics and products that are harmful to the environment.


  • Reuse products that can still have an additional use before throwing them away, thus generating less waste.


  • Recycle packaging and waste so that they can be reused again through a process of transformation and utilization.

All of these measures will help combat climate change on a small scale. If we all contribute our little bit of bamboo, in a quick and simple way, we will surely be able to reduce CO2 emissions. It may seem a small contribution, but it is extremely important.


How many do you usually carry out?


Let’s go for it!


"Lots of little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world."