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Ohoo the bottle of the future!

The consumption of single-use plastic bottles is increasing and without realizing it, we are killing our planet earth, since the oceans end up being the dumping grounds not only for plastic bottles, but for all kinds of garbage.

Although the plastic from which the bottle is made is “degradable” but not biodegradable, its excessive use is increasingly harming our environment. For this reason, they create a highly friendly and original alternative for drinking liquids.

Can you imagine quenching your thirst with just a bubble of water?

Ooho, the “bottle of the future” is a sphere composed of an edible membrane made from plants and algae, so if you don’t want to ingest its “organic packaging”, it degrades in a matter of weeks when discarded. For its creation, they used “spherification”, a culinary technique for shaping liquids.

This incredible futuristic project is being carried out at the Skipping Rocks Lab in the City of London. Its design won second place at the well-known Lexus Design Award event in 2014.

It is currently being sold at concerts and sporting events, with the aim of being marketed as an ordinary water bottle in the near future, helping to stop plastic consumption.

Ooho is designed for you to consume the whole product, but if you don’t want to ingest it all, that’s okay, because you only have to absorb the water that is inside the bubble. It has a capacity of 50 mm, enough to quench your thirst. You will not only find these bubbles for water, but also for all kinds of liquids, even sauces and condiments.

The cost of these water pellets is very low, since their ingredients are natural. Unlike a plastic bottle, only 90% of its value is represented by plastic. You can even make your own balls at home!

This eco-friendly solution is open to the public. Any person, company or organization can carry out the production of this product, since its creation was intended to encourage and reduce the consumption of plastics, helping the only planet we inhabit.

Join us to save our planet!


"Lots of little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world."