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Organic Lemon Essence facial routine as a gift for your mother

What better gift for Mother’s Day than our organic Lemon Essence facial routine. Log in to
to surprise your mother with the best organic cosmetics made in Spain. Lemon Essence is 100% organic and, as its name indicates, its main ingredient is lemon, which is linked to the Mediterranean basin and stands out for its enormous benefits for the skin.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant for the skin. It is also considered one of the best anti-aging ingredients as it activates collagen synthesis, which helps skin regeneration. It also prevents and reduces expression lines and wrinkles.

Another feature of our organic facial range Lemon Essence is that it acts as an epidermal repairer. It attenuates scars such as acne scars, helps to have a more even tone and provides luminosity. In addition, it reduces pigmentation spots and minimizes irritation.

With Lemon Essence, the skin will be more luminous, uniform and smooth. Don’t wait any longer! Place your order today and surprise your mother next Sunday, May 5, by giving her the best facial routine.

Lemon Essence Facial Care

Our Lemon Essence facial line consists of four cosmetics: repairing serum, eye contour, day cream and night cream.

  • VIT-C Repair Serum
    . Moisturizing treatment characterized by a high concentration of active ingredients and a liquid texture that favors a faster and deeper absorption. Combats premature skin aging.

  • VIT-C Eye Contour
    . Prevents signs of fatigue and aging by making the under-eye area look brighter and more hydrated.

  • VIT-C Day Cream
    . Our day cream provides deep hydration to the skin. It also combats the adverse effects of the sun. Thanks to lemon water, it lightens blemishes and enhances the skin’s natural glow.

  • VIT-C night cream
    . Its cocktail of organic ingredients prevents the formation of fine lines, thus enhancing the skin’s innate ability. It provides firmness and, thanks to rosehip oil, it contains regenerating and moisturizing properties, thus reducing blemishes and scars.

Lemon Essence Organic Facial Routine

We remind you that in our ECO PACKS section you will be able to find the Natural Glow pack consisting of: ECOSONIC toothbrush + VIT-C day cream + VIT-C night cream + activated charcoal dental floss. Your mother will feel extra special on her day!

Go for organic cosmetics! Not only does it offer the best care for our skin, but it also contributes to protecting the environment.