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Deforestation in the Amazon is a serious environmental problem affecting the whole world. Deforestation or burning of forests is one of the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The objective of the project is to protect 500000 hectares of land in cooperation with Casta ó ROS, mother of God in the Amazon region of Peru, in order to improve the quality of life of local people and the value of their forests. Establish a monitoring system for early detection of risk of deforestation.

Amazon forest It is an organization committed to and determined to put an end to continued deforestation in the chestnut concession in Peru's Amazon region, especially in the Madre Dios region.

The construction of Peru's inter oceanic highway has attracted a large number of immigrants from the southern Andes. New immigrants often occupy the land of the franchisee (the least protected) in order to live or establish agricultural areas, creating social tensions.

The mother of God area has been devastated by intensive mining activities that are trying to recover through reforestation and replanting of species such as chestnut trees.


Amazon forest The chestnut species in the forest will work together to prevent the chestnut from being cut down in large quantities. The Redd project, the United Nations Programme to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, aims to protect half a million hectares of chestnut trees.

The project will reduce deforestation through three areas of activity:

  • By establishing a processing plant to dry and peel chestnuts, the franchisee can sell higher quality products, thus improving the quality of life of the franchisee and the value of its forests, Protect forests by promoting fair trade and creating sufficient resources to achieve a greater share of benefits.
  • Establish a monitoring system for early detection of risk of deforestation, which should include monitoring points and conduct continuous patrols within the framework of participatory monitoring.
  • For eight months of the year, these activities provide job opportunities for chestnut franchisees without collecting.

Thank you for your contribution to this projectWe will allow for the protection of a larger area of forest in the Amazon, an ecosystem vital to the seriously threatened balance of the planet.

On the other hand, this project gives you an opportunity contribution If you have already registered, please log in first. Two million tons of carbon dioxide. ->, which produces 200000 European citizens every year.


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The project is in line with the following UN sustainable development goals.



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