Vit-C Bio Lemon Essence Micellar Water



Free your skin from chemicals!


If you are one of those people who wear make-up, we are sure you agree that the sensation of removing your make-up is incomparable and that the most important thing in this process is to remove your make-up every night with the right products. The Brushboo’s Lemon Essence micellar water will help you remove all traces of makeup and impurities adhered to the skin easily, leaving your skin feeling clean and moisturized.

Why Lemon Essence?

If our entire range of solid cosmetics was made in Spain… our new cosmetic routine was not going to be less! We present a range of 100% organic cosmetics and with an ingredient that characterizes it: lemon. An ingredient that has been linked to the Mediterranean basin for hundreds of years and now comes to rejuvenate us. After a lot of study and several formulas we found the magic we were looking for. This fruit has a multitude of benefits for the skin. Do you dare to embark on the most natural adventure?

Instructions for use

  • Apply a small amount of product on clean hands or one of our soft discs and spread it all over the face, including the eye contour.
  • With gentle movements, from the inside to the outside, massage until an emulsion is obtained.
  • Then remove the product with a reusable exfoliating disc to ensure thorough cleansing.

You will love it because…

Its texture is so light that you won’t even notice you are applying anything. After use, your skin will feel fresher than ever thanks to its organic ingredients. In addition, the container is 250 ml.

Cleanses, tones and moisturizes! Three actions in a single product that is also made with natural ingredients and in the most sustainable way. If you were looking for a micellar water that combines the best of nature and cosmetics? it’s here!

What do its ingredients do to your skin?

The lemon water helps to lighten skin blemishes and enhance the skin’s natural glow. The edelweiss extract stimulates cell regeneration and provides hydration and elasticity. For its part, the acmella oleracea extract is known as “nature’s botox” and finally,salicylic acid is ideal for unblocking skin pores .

This product is for you if…

  • You want a simple way to wash your face and remove traces of makeup after a full day.
  • You have dry, combination or oily skin. This product is suitable for all skin types!
  • You are looking for a micellar water that does not leave your skin feeling tight after use.
  • You care about nature: our cosmetics (and their packaging!) are 100% ecological, so they do not harm our ecosystem. In addition to being completely free of animal harm.

Remember that with your purchase you are contributing to reforestation. We allocate 10 % of our profits to these projects through the association
Plant for the Planet

Size: 200 ml

ACENE certified cosmetics. Natural, organic and vegan.