Brushboo Adult Brush - Emerald



The Brushboo eco brush is made of a Moso bamboo grip and eco-friendly packaging. 

🍃With bamboo toothbrushes you help to keep our planet free from excessive plastic consumption. You can be the change the world needs and help reduce the billions of brushes that end up in the oceans and in the countryside each year.

✅ Unique certifiedFsc ensuring that its forest origin has been adequately managed with respect to environmental conservationpointing to theinternational standards.

We tell you more in detail what they are made and how:

🤓 Brushboo's bristles are BPA-free and are made with Nylon 6 Dupont. Nylon 6 is the plastic with greater biodegradability with which the bristles of the brush can be made. Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in some plastic toothbrushes and is dangerous to health.

👩🏽‍⚕Our brush has been designed working with dentists to create the best shape and size that is ergonomic while clean and whiten your smile.

🐼 What does the Brushboo brush include?

  • A medium-hard eco-friendly bamboo brush
  • A moso bamboo handle with a motto that brings a smile.

💃🏽 What motivating phrases do we have?

We send our brushes randomly, it's a surprise you'll get home.Some of the phrases we have are:

  • Make happiness a habit
  • Why is serious?
  • Smile, I'm watching
  • Life is too short, live passionately
  • Your future is outside, waiting
  • Fill your days with happiness
  • ...
  • Many more on the way...


 Want to see our premium brush pack with seeds and cotton bag? Take a look at itHere

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