Sustainable packaging for your eco toothbrushes. Of course!

We know that sometimes it is difficult to be aware of what elements we use in our homes and that, as a matter of habit, we have become accustomed to using “plastic” objects in our daily lives. According to the United Nationsevery year, we discard approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste into the oceans, endangering marine animal life and entering the human food chain. entering the human food chain.

It is very overwhelming to think of all this plastic mass we are generating. Therefore, the best thing we can do is to take small steps to generate big changes.


If you are already a


and you use your personal hygiene products made of bamboo such as



dental floss

Congratulations! But have you ever thought about where you store or place these in the bathroom? Normally we have done it in plastic cups that we can buy in any retail store, because of their ease of use, mass production and economic price.


Here is a list of different packaging that is just as economical, sustainable and many of them you can get at home!



Glass containers

Reuse! At home it is very easy to find jars that contain vegetables, creams, sauces, jams, preserves, etc. Instead of throwing them away, wash them. You can use them as containers for whatever you need. It is perfect for storing

Tetrabrik containers

Okay. This is where we will stop because it is a more difficult process to conceive, but not impossible. In this case there are artists and engineers concerned about the environmental impact generated by excessive plastic pollution. There are companies such as


that are constantly seeking to implement the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). They use all the tetrabrik we generate and through upcycling (creating a new product from waste and transforming it with an added value) they transform the material into unique and wonderful pieces. Recycling is a very important option to avoid encouraging the “use and throw away” culture. If you want to know the process of elaboration, take a look at this



Bamboo wood containers

Another great option is the


. It is important to promote its use for the production of elements that we use on a daily basis, from toothbrushes to structures for the construction of buildings, since its use has a positive impact on the environment. So do not rule out the use of this wood in your bathroom. It gives a lot of aesthetic harmony and you contribute to the planet.

Wicker containers


In this case, it is multipurpose, such as for storing bread, fruits, vegetables, towels and toothbrushes and other personal hygiene and beauty products. These are produced in an artisanal way and there are many associations of women and men who weave these baskets in a natural way. Excellent choice for the care of the environment!

Marble containers


It should be clear that marble comes from a natural stone and its extraction is done using techniques that are much more respectful of the environment. In addition, each piece is unique.

There are many more sustainable options to use in our daily lives, such as coconut packaging, banana leaf packaging

banana leaves

etc. The important thing is that we know that they are within our reach and that we can leave plastic behind little by little.