The best ECO accessories for eating in the office

Do you eat at the office? During the week, or at least for a few days, you may have to bring food to the office. If you are looking for the best accessories to carry your daily menu in a comfortable, safe and sustainable way, at
we have for you the best ECO solutions that will help you to carry your daily menu in a more ecological way. Not only will you contribute to protect and care for the environment, but you will also enjoy the flavor of each of the dishes you carry.

In our online store you will find a totally sustainable kitchenware, and that you will love, to take your food and drinks to the office. Your must-haves? The basic accessories to carry food wherever we go will be: a thermos to carry our favorite drinks, a set of cutlery and a lunch box. Totally safe.

Don’t wait any longer! Get your eco-friendly accessories to enjoy a good meal at the office or picnic. Get your sustainable and high quality kitchenware at Brushboo at the best price. Find out which accessories to add to your shopping cart.

Sustainable accessories for carrying food

Brushboo thermos-bottle

The first essential for eating at the office or for picnics is our
perfect for any type of beverage. Maintains temperature for 12 hours for hot beverages and 24 hours for cold beverages. Thanks to its double wall, it is resistant to shocks and falls. And best of all, it is 100% eco-friendly as it is made from organic bamboo and stainless steel.

Our thermos includes the eco bamboo bottle, a detachable tea infuser and a stainless steel strainer. Therefore, it is the best option to maintain your hydration throughout the day. Always carry it with you, whether or not you have to eat at the office. This way, you can drink water while working, playing sports or picnicking. In addition, thanks to the tea infuser and strainer, you can take your favorite tea or infusion with you.

With our bamboo thermos-bottle you will be helping the planet by reducing the consumption of single-use plastics.

Brushboo thermo-bottle

Bamboo cutlery set Brushboo

Another ECO accessory that you can’t miss if you have to eat at the office (or on a picnic) is our
bamboo cutlery set
. With this pack, you can comfortably carry your cutlery anywhere you go. They are super lightweight and come in a cotton pouch, making it even easier to carry your biodegradable, reusable and 100% organic cutlery. Suitable for any type of food thanks to its hardness and resistance.

What is included in the Brushboo cutlery set? An organic cotton cloth case to carry a fork, a knife, a spoon, two Japanese chopsticks and a straw, all made from bamboo. In addition, it contains a stainless steel cleaning brush. As you can see, our bamboo cutlery set is perfect because it is ready to eat any type of menu from purees and soups to meat, sushi…

Sustainable cutlery set

Brushboo bamboo lunch box

Finally, store your favorite recipes in our stylish and sustainable bamboo lunch box.
bamboo lunch box
perfect for taking lunch to the office or eating outdoors. You can carry it stored in an insulated bag to keep the food in perfect conditions.

If you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly option to carry your food, we recommend our bamboo lunch box. You will love it for its attractive design and versatility. In addition, you will contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

It is FOOD GRADE certified, guaranteeing food safety. Includes secure elastic strap on the lid. Capacity of 1 liter.

bamboo lunch box

Get your eco-friendly accessories for eating out in a sustainable way. Start taking care of and protecting the environment!