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The importance of dental floss in oral hygiene

Dental floss

Do you brush only your teeth? Do you floss after brushing? Some people simply brush their teeth while others use mouthwash after brushing. And then there are those who take proper care of their oral health by brushing, flossing and, finally, rinsing their mouth. These are the necessary steps to keep your mouth healthy and problem-free.

If you don’t yet use dental floss, from
we want to explain why you should include it in your oral hygiene. Here are the reasons why it is crucial to include flossing in your oral care routine.

The benefits of flossing

  • Removal of food debris. Essential for removing food debris that gets trapped between the teeth and cannot be removed by brushing. These debris can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and plaque, which can eventually lead to problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Prevention of gum disease. Regular use helps prevent gum disease by removing plaque and food debris that accumulates in hard-to-reach places. Plaque buildup can cause inflammation in the gums, which in turn can lead to periodontal disease if not properly treated.
  • Fresh breath. It is an important ally in maintaining fresh breath. By removing food debris trapped between the teeth, it prevents the decomposition of this debris by bacteria, which helps to reduce bad breath.
  • Dental health. It contributes significantly to the maintenance of long-term dental health. By preventing the accumulation of plaque and the formation of cavities, the likelihood of dental problems is reduced.


Need more reasons to include it in your oral routine? Remember that flossing does not replace brushing, but complements it. While the
is effective for cleaning the surfaces of the teeth, dental floss is necessary to reach the interdental spaces, where the toothbrush does not reach.

Activated carbon and candelilla wax dental floss

Activated carbon and candelilla wax dental floss

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a sustainable and healthy alternative for oral care. This product combines the benefits of activated charcoal, known for its purifying properties, with candelilla wax, which provides a natural and environmentally friendly option. It contains 30 meters of thread and comes in a convenient reusable glass box.

The mixture of activated carbon and polyester helps to keep teeth white and completely clean. Thanks to candelilla wax and peppermint essential oil, your whole mouth will feel an incomparable freshness.

Our dental floss contributes to the reduction of plastic waste. Both the dental floss and the packaging are 100% environmentally friendly, so they do not harm our ecosystem.


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