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The reality of Moso Bamboo: the plant that best suits your life and the environment.

One of the biggest problems facing the environment today is logging and deforestation, especially of tropical forests. We use the material from the trunks, branches and leaves to produce paper, furniture, flooring, etc. Without taking into account that a tree takes about 50 years to grow and reach its full potential, depending on the species. In other words, a tree that can take 50 years to grow would be felled in a few hours. If this rate is maintained, it is obvious that at some point the forests will be totally deforested.

It’s certainly a big problem with a big solution: using alternatives. Gradually, materials are being discovered that can replace wood from trees, in addition to the recycling process. One of the most popular alternatives is the use of Bamboo Moso (Phyllostachys edulis), also known as Winter Bamboo or Moso Giant Bamboo and why is this alternative possible if it is also a plant? Well… The time has come to get to know and learn a little more about this fantastic species!

We leave you some curiosities so that you can discover why in Brushboo we use this material, and is that the Moso Bamboo:

  • It is edible, although it is not the type of bamboo on which the panda bears feed.
  • It is fast growing (it can grow up to 30 centimeters in one day!).
  • meets stringent standards for safety, toughness and hygiene
  • is one of themost widespread families of Bamboo in the world.
  • -has a great facility to adapt to life in different environments
  • -originates from central China
  • -produces up to 30% more oxygen than other plants
  • -is a plant with the ability to achieve organic certification when applied in production processes.

While it is true that the transport of this material between countries and continents can leave a certain environmental footprint (CO2 emissions), it is also true that during the short life of this Bamboo (about 5 years), the same plant has generated approximately three times as much oxygen to combat these emissions. It is essential to know that, although the canes may be cut at around 5 or 6 years of age, the plantation remains constant and healthy at all times, since the mature stems are removed but the woody structure is maintained while the mother plant continues to sprout.

The use of this plant is not current, it has been used for thousands of years for the production of different cultural and everyday materials in the Asian continent. It is true that nowadays their consumption is more exploited due to the popularity with which they have come to light. its properties and benefits. Currently, this type of plant is used for the production of hundreds of goods, both for everyday use and for decorative or cultural use.

Our ecological toothbrushes have already joined this great revolution and we can assure you that we have not been the first, nor will we be the last.

Moso Bamboo is already a reality, the most environmentally friendly reality!

Bushboo can be a good start to an eco life!

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