Three iced tea recipes to enjoy this summer!

Summer is here and, as always, the heat is inevitable. Air conditioning, fans, ice cream… We tried everything to cool down a bit and enjoy the heat as it deserves.

At Brushboowe are going to recommend you the best cold tea recipes so that you can make them in a totally natural, economical and delicious way.

Red berries iced tea with jasmine

We promise it’s one of the most refreshing drinks for the summer!

With antioxidants, without calories, it provides a well-being for the body that lasts all day long.

We take 2 bags of black tea and put them in our thermos – bamboo bottle.
thermos – bamboo bottle
with very very hot water. At the same time, we boil the jasmine flowers in a saucepan. Once they are ready, let them cool.

In a blender, add a handful of blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. blackberries, strawberries and blueberries and blend it adding some of the tea and the jasmine liquid -once cold-.

Strain the result and serve it with some ice for a spectacular result. You can also decorate it with a few small pieces of strawberry and a jasmine leaf!

Ginger tea with lemon

Bring a saucepan of water to a boil. At this point, squeeze in the juice from 4 lemons and add the amount of ginger.

Don’t forget to cut a couple of lemon slices for later!

Once everything is ready, put it in a glass jar and put it in the refrigerator until it cools down.


Before serving, add the two slices of two slices of lemon that you previously cut to enhance the citrus flavor to the maximum.

A perfect complement to this refreshing beverage are bamboo straws.
bamboo straws
This way you can share your creation without a problem and everyone will enjoy it!

Green tea with mint and pineapple

For this recipe make two bags of green tea together with some mint leaves. You can make it in a pot if it is more convenient for you. Remember that the more mint you put in, the more bitter the tea will be!

Once the water is dyed green with the tea and mint, pour it into a container to put it in the refrigerator and let it cool as much as possible.
Before serving, first add a little chilled pineapple juice.

It’s a combination you won’t be able to stop drinking!

The best accompaniment for tea

What betteraccompaniment to a nice iced tea in summer than a piece of fruit?

An apple, a pear, an orange… They contain the necessary sugar to give us that extra intensity and to continue our day without any problem.

Try making all the recipes and let us know on Instagram !
which one is your favorite!