Tips for a more sustainable smile

A smile is one of the best letters of introduction of a person. It is the one that expresses emotions and conveys confidence. That is what you see, but what remains hidden behind it is also important. Because even in the care of teeth, in our oral hygiene, we can introduce habits that will help us to achieve a better, more livable world with a less uncertain future.more livable and with a less uncertain future.

Behind a beautiful and sincere smile can be a small but significant daily effort to protect the environment around us. An effort to choose
products manufactured with sustainability criteria
The products are not at all aggressive to the environment. Would you like to join us in this wonderful endeavor?

Plastic has alternatives

Around 3.5 billion toothbrushes are manufactured worldwide each year.. And the vast majority are made of plastic. However, once their useful life is over, few people know where to dispose of them for treatment. Worse, it is estimated that about 1% of the plastic waste polluting our oceans is toothbrushes.

You can achieve a healthy and sustainable smile by changing the traditional toothbrush for a toothbrush made of a completely natural and biodegradable material. such as bamboo. It is also a material with antimicrobial properties, so it resists the action of bacteria present in the mouth better than plastic.

Natural toothpastes

Many conventional toothpastes contain microplastics in their composition. to promote the cleaning of the teeth. But the size of these spheres is so small that sewage treatment plants are not capable of filtering them. The result is that they end up reaching ecosystems and causing damage to fauna and flora. The same applies to triclosan, a bactericidal substance that is very common in toothpastes.

You will also have a more sustainable smile if you stop to analyze the composition of that toothpaste you usually use. In case they have any of these components, the best advice is to discard it and choose instead toothpastes made only with natural ingredients. They provide optimal dental hygiene and are much safer for the environment.

Containers and packaging: it all depends

It is common for the products we use in our daily hygiene, including oral hygiene, to arrive in our hands packaged. This packaging is not always necessary, but they do carry it, it is important to ensure that it is plastic-free and biodegradable.. Never forget that no matter how flashy the outside may be, it’s what goes on the inside that’s really important.

And, of course, yours wouldn’t be a sustainable smile if you didn’t put those packages in the appropriate recycling garbage can. Even if the packaging is made of easily biodegradable materials, such as cardboard, consider that by recycling you are giving it a second life and you are contributing to the conservation of sometimes very scarce natural resources.

A smile for the planet

Achieving a more sustainable smile is within your reach. And you will then have many reasons to show it openly. First, because you will be taking care of your dental hygiene and, with it, you will be taking care of your health and improving your self-esteem. And, secondly, because with a small daily gesture that costs no effort at all you will help reduce waste and prevent pollution of a planet that is of an increasingly threatened planet.

At Brushboo we encourage you to change your habits to show the world a beautiful and sustainable smile.. Remember that our products are manufactured with carefully selected natural ingredients and always following environmentally friendly production criteria.