What if everyone stopped consuming plastic bottles?



We propose you a challenge for the environment day: during this summer equip yourself with your thermo-bottle and do not consume plastic bottles. Take it everywhere and put the money you would have spent in a piggy bank (or glass jar). You’ll see that you’ve saved more than you ever imagined!

Keep reading until the end, because from Brushboo we want to contribute to these savings!

Did you know that the next ten years will be key to halting and reversing the environmental degradation of the world’s ecosystems? This is part of the global goals set out in the 2030 Agenda. For this reason, this year’s Environment Day focuses on the reconstruction of ecosystems, astheir care and protection has a direct impact on the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

The celebration of this day has its origin in the Stockholm Conference in 1972. This summit was the first to be organized for the treatment and discussion of issues affecting the environment.

However, it was in 1974 that the United Nations established June 5 as World Environment Day.
The main objective of this day is to raise environmental awareness and to motivate the world’s population to be an active part of sustainable development.

The Stockholm Earth Summit marked a turning point that led to the development of pro-nature policies that resulted in the signing and ratification of conventions against the exploitation and mistreatment of nature.

From BRUSHBOO we want to encourage you to change, little by little, your habits to be more responsible and respectful of you and the environment .

Gestures as small as stopping using plastic bottles and replacing them with the bamboo thermo-bottle, contribute to less plastic in circulation. It’s a small gesture that has a big positive impact on the planet.

With this challenge we want to help you save a small amount in the short term, but you will see it increase if you continue to do so throughout the year. With the money you save you can make a million plans such as going to the movies, going on a picnic, or even treat yourself to a little something -which can also be eco and never hurts ????.

And here comes the interesting part…

During June 4, 5 and 6 you have a 30% discount on ALL THE WEBSITE with the code DIADELMEDIOAMBIENTE so you can turn your routine into a #brushbooer routine.

Join the challenge and tell us about it on Instagram! We’ll read you over there.