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Back to a more sustainable routine with our Eco packs

Ready to get back to your daily duties? September is synonymous with a return to routine. It’s time to say goodbye to the vacations (and summer) and return to the office and the classroom. While some people return to work perfectly, others find it a little more difficult to recover their schedules and routine, especially those who have been able to enjoy a longer vacation period or those who have greatly modified their schedules and routines during the summer.

Although the new school year can be quite a challenge, the truth is that there are measures we can take to start the new season in a more positive and cheerful way. How? From
we propose you to start a new adventure. You can start a new project, set yourself a professional challenge, resume your studies, pursue new hobbies and even get a makeover.

Another idea we give you for the new academic year is to bet on a more sustainable routine through our
ECO packs
. They may give you that extra motivation you need to start September on the right foot, and you will also be contributing to the care of the environment and your health.

Do you want to know our ECO packs? Enter our online store and discover the wide catalog we have for you. We are sure you will find the perfect pack for you or to fight with your partner and/or children.

The best Brushboo ECO packs to get back to routine

Get our
ECO family pack
one of the best options to lead a more sustainable life with the return to routine. Includes two adult bamboo toothbrushes and one children’s toothbrush, 3 organic cotton pouches to keep toothbrushes in for travel, 1 pack of 4 organic bamboo straws + cleaner, dental floss and a pack of 100 biodegradable toothpicks.


For adventurous couples we have the
ECO adventure pack
perfect to discover several of our sustainable products. It consists of 2 bamboo toothbrushes for adults, 2 sachets of organic cotton, 2 packs of 100 biodegradable swabs, 2 dental floss and two bamboo thermo-bottles. It is the perfect sustainable kit to share with your partner or the person of your choice (parents, friends, siblings…).

eco adventure pack

If you have decided to become more sustainable from September onwards, then opt for the
ECO pack Soy Eco
. Contains 1 bamboo toothbrush for adults and organic cotton pouch to carry your toothbrush when traveling or to take it to the office. It also contains 1 pack of 4 organic bamboo straws + cleaner, 1 pack of 100 biodegradable swabs, 1 dental floss and 1 bamboo thermos bottle, perfect for carrying water or your favorite hot or cold drinks to work.

eco pack soy eco

Find your ECO pack at Brushboo for a more sustainable return to routine. We are waiting for you!


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