Discover our ECO set of cleaning brushes for the kitchen

Do you want to enjoy a greener home? Would you like to have an ECO cleaning set? In most households, sponges and scouring pads are used for cleaning kitchen utensils. Brushes are also often available to remove dirt from bottles, thermos flasks, baby bottles, etc. These cleaning products are usually made of polyurethane foam (or foam rubber), a porous material composed of plastic polymers.

If you want to replace these cleaning supplies with a greener, healthier option, you’re in the right place. At
we have for you the best ECO catalog to bet on a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. In our online store you will find cosmetics, as well as eco-friendly dental hygiene and personal care items. We also have items for sale to have a more ECO friendly home.

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you will find the best cleaning set for the kitchen. Find out! Take care of your health with these plastic-free cleaning brushes.

Why buy the ECO cleaning brush set online? Our kitchen cleaning brushes are biodegradable. You will contribute to the care and protection of the environment. In addition, being zero waste, you will not ingest the microplastics released by traditional cleaning sets. You will love them!

Set ECO 5 kitchen cleaning brushes

What is included in the
kitchen cleaning pack
Brushboo? It contains five different brushes, five brushes for each of the kitchen utensils.

  • Round handle brush. This cleaning brush is suitable for cleaning cups and bowls.
  • Ergonomic handle. Looking for a brush to clean your fruits and vegetables? This is the ideal brush.
  • Long handle brush. Long-handled brush perfect for daily cleaning of dishes and pans.
  • Flat handle. Also recommended for cleaning frying pans, as well as for leaving oven trays sparkling clean.
  • Bottle cleaning. Finally, this set includes a specific brush for cleaning the bottles. Reaches the most hidden spaces.
Set ECO kitchen cleaning brushes

All brushes are made of bamboo, a flexible material that is resistant even to water to prevent the concentration of bacteria. They also contain sisal (except for the bottle brush), a natural material that shares the benefits of bamboo. In addition, it has the peculiarity that during its processing it usually generates fantastic organic waste to produce fertilizers.

In the case of the bottle brush, in addition to bamboo, it contains coconut fibers, which are characterized by their antibacterial properties. Perfect for removing dirt, mildew and grease from various surfaces.

Get your hands on our ECO kitchen cleaning set! Start cleaning your pans, pots, glasses, plates, cutlery… with these eco-friendly and planet-friendly brushes. Not only will you love them because they are made with natural materials, but also because of their vintage finish.