Discover the trendy eco material: Four ways to decorate with bamboo

If you want to give a facelift to the decoration of your house, or you have just moved into one and do not quite know what style you want it to look like, bamboo is your best ally.

Here are some ideas to help you use this fantastic wood in a way that harmonizes your entire home.

What is bamboo?

First, let’s start by defining a little of what bamboo is and why it is used in almost every aspect of daily life.

It is a grass plant that grows in the form of a reed and is native to Asian countries such as China and India. It is a sustainable plant, since it regenerates without the need to replant it, grows very quickly and is one of the most resistant and hardy species.
As a result, it is used in a wide variety of everyday applications, whether as decoration, tools or even to create infrastructure.

Bamboo decoration

For some years now, the potential of this plant has been discovered when it comes to implementing it in the home. It gives a minimalist vibrancy and naturalness and is usually not overly expensive, so if you want to have a modern and interesting interior, bamboo can give that touch you are looking for.

In the room

Being such a resistant material, there are sommiers made exclusively of bamboo. They are much lighter and are designed to conform more organically to the body shape while resting. For the bedside tables and the headboard it is also a fantastic option, providing that “lively” touch to the room and the originality that is always sought after.


In the living room

Being a material with a unique lightness and hardness, it is highly recommended for use in shelves, tables and furniture. The natural and clean air it brings to the room will last for years, giving it that sophisticated touch.

In the kitchen

Bamboo objects, apart from having a style of their own, are also very useful as storage. Such as the cutlery separator inside the drawer, jars for storing pasta or other condiments or small cabinets for storing glasses and cups.

They are also widely used as
for cooking and eating. They can be washed without any problem, are reusable and ideal to take with you if you need to eat out.


Minimalist bamboo

If you just want to give that special touch that bamboo brings to certain areas of your home, there are several accessories that can be placed anywhere and go unnoticed in front of tables or furniture.

  • Air fresheners: a small object that attracts little attention but gives an organic touch to the room. If it has a minimalist shape, it will look good wherever you put it and it will also keep the environment free of bad odors.
  • Lamps: both ceiling and floor lamps. They are easily movable, due to their light weight, and the light they project tends to have a warm tone. Perfect for bedrooms or living rooms.
  • Frames: if you like art, you probably have more than one picture hanging on your walls. With a minimalist bamboo frame you will get all the attention to the artwork, which in the end is the main protagonist.


Bamboo is already part of our lives, and more and more.

Using it in our home and in everyday use will help reduce the amount of plastics and we will be more environmentally friendly.