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Eco gifts to conquer this Valentine’s Day

We are already one month into this new year and if there is something clear about this 2021 is that it will be a year of many changes. That’s why from BRUSHBOO, taking advantage of the most romantic day of the year, we want to join the change and give you some ideas of sustainable and ecological gifts for Valentine’s Day.

The reality is that we still have a lot of time left to spend at home, so these gifts are meant to enjoy home and yourself.



Something we do every day, when we wake up, is to wash our face, and if you are one of those who do not leave home without a little bit of makeup… surely these discs can not miss in your night routine. It is one of the habits in which the most polluting elements are used. Why not switch to something more natural? The eco make-up remover discs, besides being good for the environment, will also take care of your skin.

eco reusable make-up remover discs

Are you more of a tea or coffee drinker? With the BRUSHBOO thermos-bottle it doesn’t matter what your favorite drink is, the important thing is that it will stay at its perfect temperature for much longer. Its double wall makes it resistant to bumps and drops and looks great in photos, in case you feel like showing off your gift!

brushboo reusable eco thermos-bottle

Speaking of routines and habits… who doesn’t brush their teeth three times a day? This is one of the most surprising facts: did you know that each person spends the equivalent of 5 kg of plastic on toothbrushes? That’s why our Ecosonic will be one of the most used gifts in 2021. With this toothbrush you will not only be helping your health… but also the environment!

Brushboo ecosonic electric toothbrush bamboo


And although one out of three men would prefer not to receive anything for Valentine’s Day (yeah, we don’t quite get it either… Who’s bitter about a sweet?) here are some ideas that they’re sure to love.


The BRUSHBOO razor, with a solid bamboo handle and stainless steel head. This razor has already become the zero plastic alternative to the Brushbooers and we assure you that if you haven’t tried it already…. you will fall in love!

reutlizable bamboo razor


I’m sure you have many destinations in mind that you would like to escape to when you can. Whether it’s the beach or the mountains, the bamboo cutlery set is a great gift to make that plan the most sustainable one.

Bamboo cutlery set


Last but not least. Knowing that some changes are necessary, we now propose that you change his routine from top to bottom and encourage him to use our solid handmade soaps. For the face, for the hands and, the most acclaimed, our solid exfoliating handmade soap. Undoubtedly, these soaps will be your ultimate skin care ally.

And although Valentine’s Day is marked by couples, you know that love can be presented in all possible ways. Therefore, we encourage you to share these gift ideas with your group of friends as a hint to create new habits. You can also give yourself a Valentine’s Day gift and celebrate how much you love yourself!

Wasn’t 2021 going to change us all?
So let’s change the rules!


"Lots of little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world."