ECO personal care for a more sustainable life

How about starting to use ECO personal care
ECO personal care
? In our daily lives we use products that are not reusable and are made of plastic, such as toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, make-up remover wipes, razors and others. These items are harmful to the environment and even some of the chemicals they contain can be harmful to our skin.

A healthier alternative for the planet and for our skin are sustainable personal care products. We are talking about sulfate-free solid soaps and shampoos, reusable make-up remover discs or items made from bamboo. Are you joining the change?

we have for you a wide range of ecological and eco-friendly products perfect to include in your daily hygiene and beauty routine that have a positive impact on the planet. Discover our ECO personal care products. You will love them!

Take care of the environment while taking care of you with these sustainable personal care items!

ECO Facial Care

Let’s start with our cosmetics and products for ECO facial care. One of the items that we have for you, and that can not be missing in any facial routine, is the
Brushboo reusable make-up remover discs.
. Replace your disposable discs with these reusable discs and use them as often as you like. This pack includes 13 soft make-up remover discs, 3 exfoliating discs and a cotton mesh bag for washing. They are 100% environmentally friendly. They are made of bamboo viscose and cotton. Also available
premium pack with bamboo box
for storage.

Reusable make-up remover discs

Complement your facial routine with our Lemon Essence ECO facial line composed of repairing serum, eye contour and day and night cream. This range of cosmetics is 100% organic and has lemon as its main ingredient for its multitude of benefits for the skin. Made in Spain.

Lemon Essence ECO

Solid soap and shampoo

In our personal care section you will find the best solid soaps and shampoos perfect for face and body. Each bar of soap is made with natural ingredients that are totally respectful of the environment and our skin.

You can buy our
pack of 3 solid soaps
perfect to include in your daily routine. Includes a solid face soap made with orange blossom, shea butter and jojoba oil; a solid hand soap made with menthol, aloe powder, rosehip oil, bamboo scrub and green tea; a solid exfoliating soap made with lime, calendula oil, volcanic stone and charcoal.

solid soaps

Two solid shampoos are also available. One of
frequent use
recommended for those who wash their hair every day and for those whose hair is soft to the touch and detangles easily. It is made with argan oil, aloe vera and lavender essential oil. The other option is
shampoo for oily hair
made with menthol and white grapefruit essential oil. solid shampoo

ECO razor

Razors are a must-have item in men’s grooming. Get a perfect shave with the
double-edged bamboo razor by Brushboo.
by Brushboo. You will love its classic and elegant design! With solid bamboo handle and stainless steel head. It is the perfect alternative to plastic. Includes a bamboo razor and 4 blades. 100% organic.

ECO razor

Biodegradable sticks

Includes our biodegradable
biodegradable swabs in your
in your personal care routine. Our bamboo swabs are made with organic cotton and are vegan. They can be disposed of without problems in the organic waste. Includes two boxes of 100 organic bamboo cotton swabs.

biodegradable swabs

Bamboo combing brush

If you’re looking for a sustainable alternative to your plastic combing brush, we recommend our
bamboo combing brush
. It is vegan, light, resistant and has a long life. A unique brush thanks to rounded bristles for an extra massage effect. It is environmentally friendly and plastic free. Suitable for combing and detangling any type of hair.

Bamboo combing brush

Anti-cellulite massager

At Brushboo we have for sale the
anti-cellulite massager ECO
perfect for curbing cellulite and toning the skin. It only takes 15 minutes a day and in a week you will begin to see the first results. This wooden and agave bristle massager includes a cotton pouch for perfect storage.

anti-cellulite brush

Add our ECO personal care items to your hygiene and beauty routine!