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Ecosonic Brushboo electric toothbrush

We have the perfect toothbrush for you! At
would like to introduce you to our Ecosonic electric toothbrush, the perfect combination of ecology and pressure for oral cleaning. This electric toothbrush with bamboo head and sonic vibration will keep our teeth clean and healthy. Replace your disposable toothbrush with this model to improve your oral health. In addition, you will do your bit for the care and protection of the environment.

electric toothbrush Ecosonic
electric toothbrush offers up to 45,000 vibrations per minute, thus contributing to proper tooth cleaning. In addition, it includes five cleaning modes and three speeds in each one.

  • Clean: deep cleaning.
  • White: fights stains.
  • Polish: whitening.
  • Gum care: sensitive gums.
  • Sensitive: sensitive teeth.

As you can see, whatever your needs are, our electric toothbrush adapts to you, offering you the best oral care. Suitable for all types of gums and teeth. Take care of your teeth and the environment with Ecosonic Brushboo! It is one of our TOP products. Our customers are delighted with the results.

Our Ecosonic kit includes three eco-friendly bamboo brush heads with medium-hard bristles in different colors: blue, white and green. In short, it includes one year of brushing. In our online store you will also find the Ecosonic
Ecosonic replacement heads
. These bamboo and castor vegetable oil brush heads are perfectly adapted to your oral hygiene needs. Remember to change them every three months.

Discover the world’s first electric toothbrush with bamboo brush heads!

Ecosonic Brushboo, your eco-friendly toothbrush

From Brushboo we want to emphasize that the design of the Ecosonic toothbrush has been created together with professional dentists with the aim of achieving an ecological toothbrush that has the right size and shape for proper oral hygiene.

The Ecosonic handle is made of a highly durable plastic material that allows it to interact with water. Our initial intention was to manufacture it in bamboo, as well as the heads. However, as we could not guarantee its durability and impermeability, we finally decided to make it with this material, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting electric toothbrush.

We want to minimize the impact on the environment. Therefore, the Ecosonic toothbrush case is reusable. We have designed it so that you can store everything from small souvenirs to your jewelry.

Important: when you buy from Brushboo, you are contributing to reforestation. We allocate 10% of our profits to these projects through the Plant for the Planet association.

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Ecosonic electric toothbrush

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