For a more natural summer than ever

It’s official, there are less than 15 days left for summer to start. However, I’m sure that the words “beach”, “vacation”, “sun” and, unfortunately, “operation bikini” have been ringing in your head for a few months now.

Did you know that if we search the word “summer” in Google we get more than 394 million results? What if we search for “operation bikini”? The results multiply to 722 million entries on how to get ready, miracle diets and exercises for specific body areas.

Even when science says that we are happier in summer, part of the world still makes us believe that to achieve that summer happiness you have to have the perfect body.

So looking at this picture year after year, and compiling the information from our previous blogs, as well as your responses via instagram, we have made a manifesto with 6 points for a more natural summer than ever.

Summer plans 2021. Natural summer. Facial routine. Acne. Mask.

If you don’t go on vacation, let them come to you.

You don’t always have time to have a vacation period and even when you do, sometimes you don’t always have the opportunity to travel; but this doesn’t mean that you can’t disconnect from work, studies, or obligations.

How? You can create the most summery atmosphere without even stepping out of your front door. Choose a room, the one you want, -it can be the living room or the terrace- and place garlands on the walls, (this is about excesses, so don’t cut yourself with color). Swap out winter cushion covers for ones that scream summer.

2. Take the opportunity to do those things that make you happier.

In summer, the days are longer and we have more time to enjoy natural light. In Madrid the sun rises at 6:44 am and it is light until almost ten o’clock at night. How are you going to make the most of those almost 13 hours? We recommend that you get up early, have a super breakfast and do some sport at the beginning of the day.

On our Instagram we will be posting delicious breakfast recipes for this summer (pssst: Don’t forget the bamboo cutlery that will give that instagrammable touch to all your meals).

3. Connect with your body and listen to what it has to tell you.

In general, our recommendation is that you try to maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. This recommendation goes beyond trying to lose weight and get the summer body, what we want to convey is that when you start eating healthy, you look better because your skin improves and your mood, too.

But beware, sometimes your body asks for a pizza, an ice cream or even some torrijas and that’s not bad at all. As Carlos Rios says… you have a 10% per month margin!

4. Drink plenty of water.

Following on from the previous point, from BRUSHBOO we suggest that this summer, you get the thermo-bottle and take it with you everywhere. What will you get? Drink water without realizing it, as you will always have it at hand and avoid the dreaded plastic bottles.

5. Sunbathe, but don’t overdo it.

Are you familiar with serotonin? It is known as the happiness hormone. And when we are in the sun, this hormone is triggered and we are happier. Besides being able to have that tanned tone with which we feel more beautiful and handsome, the sun provides us with vitamin D that helps us to have healthy bones.


In summer and spring it is enough to sunbathe legs, arms and face for 15 minutes, at least 3 times a week.

6. Enjoy those weekend evenings with friends.s.

We wait all year long for those summer nights that seem to last forever. Whether at home, on an outdoor terrace or at the beach. You can take advantage of them in different ways, have a picnic, watch a documentary, or simply, have a relaxing moment while you make your cleaning routine.

The happiness that this time of year brings us has nothing to do with achieving a body model established as perfect. We encourage you to love yourself a little more every day this summer and not to pressure yourself with unattainable goals that will not make you happy.