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Give the gift of smiles for Mother’s Day with Brushboo Ecosonic

Tick tock, tick tock… Countdown to Mother’s Day! If you need last minute help finding the best gift for your mother, you’ve come to the right place. At
we have the best ecological alternatives to surprise this Sunday, May 7. Give a unique gift to your mother while taking care of the planet!

If you need inspiration to choose the best gift for Mother’s Day, we recommend you to take a look at our article

The best ECO cosmetics for Mother’s Day

. We offer everything from facial treatments made with natural ingredients to ECO hair care. Undoubtedly, the best gift for your mother and for the planet. We also have fantastic ECO packs, composed of our star products. You’ll be 100% right.

To these ideas, we want to add another brilliant option for Mother’s Day. We are talking about
Brushboo Ecosonic
our electric toothbrush that combines ecology and precision for a healthy and beautiful smile. Your mother will love it!

Brushboo Ecosonic, the best gift for your mother

There is no greater declaration of love to those we love than to surprise them with a gift that contributes to the care of their health and well-being. This Mother’s Day share time with your mother, enjoy a meal, a walk in the countryside, a coffee on a terrace … They are unique moments that remain for the memory and that surely your mother wants.

Don’t forget to bring him a gift. Even if you say you don’t need anything, remember that everyone likes a gift. This time, we recommend you to surprise him with Brushboo Ecosonic, our electric toothbrush with sonic vibration and bamboo head. Give him the best oral care!

By replacing the disposable toothbrush with our Ecosonic toothbrush, you will be contributing both to the care of the environment and to improving your mother’s oral health. The design of this toothbrush has been created in collaboration with professional dentists so that its size and shape can be adapted to the brushing style of each individual.

Brushboo Ecosonic includes an electric toothbrush that delivers up to 45,000 vibrations per minute. It includes five modes and three speeds each:

  • Clean
    : deep cleaning.
  • White
    : fights stains.
  • Polish
  • Gum
    care: sensitive gums.
  • Sensitive
    sensitive teeth.

We also include three eco-friendly bamboo brush heads with medium-hard bristles: blue, bench and green. This box includes one year’s brushing. Best of all, you can reuse the box to store your favorite items or small mementos you don’t want to lose.

Brushboo Ecosonic

Don’t wait any longer! Order now to offer her the best gift for Mother’s Day. You will love it! For more information about Brushboo Ecosonic or about our ECO products,
please contact us
. We will help you find the right gift for your mother. We are waiting for you!


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