Goodbye to plastic in the bathroom! ECO personal care products

Do you want to have a plastic-free bathroom? Many of the personal care products we use every day are packaged in plastic and contain petroleum-based ingredients. We are talking about shampoos, toothbrushes, deodorants, creams….. These products generate a large amount of waste that pollute and damage the environment and can also affect our health by releasing toxic substances.

If you’ve set out to reduce plastic in your bathroom as much as possible, you’re in luck. At
we have for you the best ecological alternatives. In our online catalog you can find cosmetics, as well as dental hygiene and personal care products with which you can say goodbye to plastic in your bathroom. Are you up for it?

Go for change! Reduce the consumption of plastic toiletries to take care of your personal hygiene without harming the planet. To help you, here are some recommendations to have a bathroom free of plastics or, at least, as free as possible.

Tips to say goodbye to plastic in the bathroom

One of the first changes you should make is to stop using plastic toothbrushes. As an alternative, use the
bamboo brushes
. At Brushboo we have bamboo toothbrushes for sale online for adults and children. It is an excellent option for the care of our mouth!

Brushboo bristles are BPA-free and are made of Dupont Nylon 6 (the most biodegradable plastic from which brush bristles can be made).

You can also opt for our
electric toothbrush Ecosonic
the best fusion between ecology and precision. This electric toothbrush with sonic vibration of up to 45,000 vibrations per minute includes 5 modes and 3 speeds each: deep cleaning, stain fighting, whitening, sensitive gums and sensitive teeth.


Another product you should include in your personal care are solid shampoos.
solid shampoos
. These bars of soap have the great advantage that they last much longer than liquid shampoo, take up less space and do not generate waste. They are perfect for use at home and for travel. At Brushboo you can choose from
solid shampoo for frequent use
solid shampoo for oily hair

We recommend our
3-pack of solid soaps
ideal to include in your daily routine: face soap, hand soap and exfoliating soap. All of them are made with natural ingredients. Both the solid soaps and their packaging are 100% ecological, so they do not harm our ecosystem. Try them!

Do you use plastic razors? Then your ECO alternative is the
Brushboo razor.
. With solid bamboo handle and stainless steel head. Unisex design and precise shaving for use by both men and women. As for the hairbrush, we have for you the bamboo combing brush, a sustainable solution compared to traditional plastic brushes. It is made of 100% bamboo. It is very strong, lightweight and durable.

ECO razor

Find the best sustainable alternatives to say goodbye to plastic in your bathroom. This is the only way to prevent microplastics from reaching rivers and oceans. Take care of yourself with sustainable products to take care of your health and the planet!