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How do you get the little ones to brush their teeth effectively?


Useful tips for the oral hygiene of the little ones.

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Baby teeth are formed between the first year and the third year of our child’s life, however, at this age it is not advisable to give them a toothbrush since they will not have the ability, capacity or desire to learn how to handle it. This does not mean that you should not pay attention to oral hygiene – on the contrary! No matter how old we are, the mouth is a storehouse of bacteria, so we should always pay attention to its cleanliness, in one way or another.

It is advisable, for example, to clean the mouth daily with a wet gauze from birth until the teeth start to come in. Once the first baby teeth come in, the recommendation of dentists and the American Dental Association (ADA) is to use an adapted toothbrush and special toothpaste for children, with a low amount of fluoride because, although it prevents cavities and improves cleanliness, it can generate intoxication.

The most important thing in the arduous habit of brushing children’s teeth is to use the right toothbrush. At Brushboo we have detected the need for an ecological, vegan, fun and adapted toothbrush for the little ones so that brushing their teeth and teaching them to brush their own teeth is a simpler and more bearable task.

It is also recommended that an adult brush or help the child brush his or her teeth during the first years of life, while at around 3 or 4 years of age (when they become more skilled and interested) they should be taught to do it themselves, always with supervision until they master the technique. In no case should other oral hygiene accessories such as dental floss be used until the child has grown and completed his or her natural teeth (around 12 or 13 years of age).

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Some tips to help children learn to brush their teeth with more enthusiasm and apply their learning in a more effective way:

  1. Give him a Brushboo children’s toothbrush at an early age, he will see that it is different and more fun, so he will be more eager to use it for the first time, and you will also be introducing him to values such as respect for the environment.
  2. Brush your teeth together with your little one, children love to feel grown up! In addition, they take example from the people in their care, if you use a Brushboo brush too, they will like it even more, because they will feel closer to you and will take example.
  3. Show him in front of the mirror and ask him to follow your movements while you explain them to him little by little so that he learns to perform them in the same way and at the same time.
  4. Let him/her try it alone but under your supervision. When he does it correctly, congratulate him; if he does not do it correctly, ask him to repeat it, always motivating him and letting him know that he can do it.
  5. Create an incentive system: you can put a board or a piece of paper on the fridge and give him a sticker to put on it every time he brushes his teeth. When he gets for example 20 stickers, you congratulate him with a bag of candy, letting him know that he can only eat candy if he brushes his teeth well, or he will get cavities.
  6. If you notice that brushing your child’s teeth doesn’t seem like a boring task and there is no way to motivate him/her, suggest reading a story, playing music or doing some activity that can entertain the child while brushing his/her teeth so that the time goes by faster.
  7. It is essential to get the child used to not eating anything after brushing.

The objective will always be for the child to get into a routine and a habit, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of brushing teeth every morning and after every meal. The earliest ages are the ones that will have the greatest influence on the hygiene habits they adopt as they grow up, so it is essential to start talking to them early and teach them about oral hygiene.

At Brushboo we have a family pack available, to make brushing your teeth a healthy family habit. Are you going to miss it?

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