Learn more about our Eco cosmetic products - Productos Ecológicos


Learn more about our Eco cosmetic products

At Brushboo we have a line of cosmetic products made with all-natural ingredients with incredible properties that will help you achieve the best version of you. In keeping with our totally eco-friendly spirit, you can find sustainable options to enhance your look.

Our ECO cosmetic products follow a policy of total respect for nature.
respect for nature
from their production until they reach your home. Great care is taken to ensure that packaging and transport have the smallest possible environmental footprint. In addition, they are made with high quality organic products.

Lemon Essence, the most complete care for your skin with ECO products.

Facial routine Lemon Essence is what you need to always look your best. A line of 100% organic ECO cosmetic products whose main ingredient is lemon. Did you know that this fruit has great properties for the skin? It enhances its shine and fades age spots.

Night Cream
works while you sleep for a radiant appearance in the morning. It is composed of lemon water which is combined with other elements such as Asian pennywort which aids in the production of collagen. Also used is the chamomile and its great purifying effect together with rosehip oil which has great regenerative power.

With the
Eye Contour
Lemon Essence you will make your eyes shine again with organic products that, together with lemon, offer you what your skin around your eyes needs to look perfect.

It is composed of vegetable hyaluronic acid y sativa oatmeal that help maintain hydration. It is also combined with extract of acmella oleracea with properties similar to botox and horse chestnut extract which fights inflammation.

Repair Serum
get your skin to regain its health and natural glow with this magnificent ECO cosmetic product. It also has vegetable hyaluronic acid y sativa oat which, together with rosemary oilThe extra moisturizing effect is achieved. In addition, thanks to the cranberry provides perfect nutrients for your dermis.

Day Cream
from Lemon Essence in addition to having restorative effects, it offers you the protection you need against the action of the sun. The lemon water in this ECO cosmetic product is mixed with chamomile that leaves the skin soft and supple.

It also has “nature’s botox”, acmella oleracea. acmella oleracea, and with Asian skullcap which helps protect the skin from inflammation and eczema. Other very important components are the prebiotics and probiotics which are great boosters for the most sensitive skins.

The Micellar Water is an ECO cosmetic product of Lemon Essence that will help you remove makeup and leave your face completely clean. Among its ingredients is the acmella olarecea which is combined with edelweiss extract for powerful cell regeneration. To achieve a deeper action, the salicylic acid allows to better open the pores of the skin.

Brushboo’s solid ECO cosmetics revolution

There are more eco-friendly alternatives created by Brushboo. Soaps and hair products specially designed for you. In addition to having a very pleasant scent, they will help you maintain beauty routines to achieve a dazzling appearance.

solid shampoo for frequent use
will be your perfect ally if you wash your hair daily. It is made with argan oil which moisturizes and adds shine, combined with the ability of aloe vera aloe vera to act as a natural softener. It also manages to stimulate hair growth thanks to to lavender oil.

exfoliating solid soap
is an ECO cosmetic product that will help you achieve a renewed skin. Thanks to the volcanic stone natural exfoliating effect, and with the charcoal charcoal you will be able to eliminate impurities more effectively. Other components are the file which provides rejuvenating effects and calendula oil calendula oil that protects and nourishes.

solid shampoo for oily hair
is made with menthol that helps to strengthen the hair and provide a pleasant sensation of freshness. In addition, the white grapefruit oil also provides fortifying effects. The combination of both elements helps you fight excess oil on your scalp.

Another ECO cosmetic product from Brushboo is the
solid face soap
which features orange blossom, shea butter and jojoba oil. with which you will achieve the skin elasticity and hydration you need. Your expression wrinkles will be smoothed and it also helps fight acne.

solid hand soap
has menthol which reduces inflammation and leaves a very pleasant smell. This ECO cosmetic product also uses the anti-bacterial properties of the green tea which is a great antibacterial and bamboo as an exfoliant. The moisturizing and regenerative effect is achieved thanks to the aloe and rose hip oil.

These ECO cosmetic products have great properties to keep your skin and hair healthy, beautiful and cared for. You can easily purchase them in our online store and you will receive them comfortably at home. Don’t wait any longer to try the incredible quality of sustainable beauty products from Brushboo!


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